Tim Duncan Net Worth

Tim Duncan Net Worth
How much is
Tim Duncan worth :

  • Full Name: Timothy Theodore
  • Net Worth: $150 Million
  • Occupation: Basketball Player
  • Marital Status: Married (Amy Duncan)
  • Ethnicity: American

Tim Duncan Net Worth – How The Basketball Player Made His Millions

Over the years, the Basketball game has continued to produce top celebrities. Tim Duncan is indeed one of them. As at the moment, Tim Duncan net worth is estimated to reach up to $150 million. One may wonder how he actually got to that level. He made it to the top as a result of his doggedness in the pitch.  He remains one of the richest American Basketball players we have today.

Tim Duncan Source Of Wealth

Tim Duncan made the bulk of his millions as a basketball player. His annual salary and endorsements run into millions of dollars. He’s well known as a player to reckon with in the NBA. He has continued to earn millions of cash as a player. Little wonder why his net worth continues to be on the increase on yearly basis.

Early Life And Career Development

Tim Duncan PicturesBorn in 1976 there in Virgin Island, Tim Duncan started life as promising child. His interest in the basketball game began when he was still a boy.   While in the high school, the little Tim played basketball for his school team and won great laurels.  Later on, he enrolled in the Wake Forest University. He also joined the basketball team of the great university.  He bagged several award as a successful basketball player of the school.

After his university education, Tim started his career as a basketball player by joining the San Antonio Spurs Team.  He led the team to higher heights all through his stay with them.

Tim Duncan’s journey in the NBA started in 1997 when he first got involved. He played for San Antonio Spurs in the NBA on a number of seasons. He earned the MVP title in one of the occasions.

As the years roll by, the US National Basketball Team spotted Tim and recruited him in 1998. He was part of the team that played at the 2003 World Basketball Championships. Through his exploits, Tim won several games for his team.  He has won up to 5 NBA Championships alongside with his team.  This fetched him millions of dollars and increased his net worth.

Tim Duncan Assets And Relationship

Tim Duncan has recorded great feat like other Spots celebrities such as Kevin Garnett, Michael Vicks and many others.  He has great assets in diverse areas. Tim Duncan cars are quite numerous.  One of his cars known as “Punisher” is said to worth thousands of dollars.  Tim has houses across the US. His house in San Antonio Spurs is estimated to worth millions of dollars.Tim Duncan Photos

Somewhere along the line, Time Duncan’s girlfriend, Amy Duncan showed up. They later got married.

So far, Tim Duncan net worth is on the increase. The famous American Basketball player is still waxing stronger by the day.