Tim Cook Net Worth

Tim Cook Net Worth
How much is
Tim Cook worth :

  • Full Name: Tim Cook
  • Net Worth: $400 Million
  • Occupation: Businessperson Ceo, Apple Inc
  • Marital Status: Unclear
  • Ethnicity: American

Tim Cook Net Worth – How Rich Is The Famous CEO Of Apple Inc.

Tim Cook, the great CEO of Apple Inc, remains a force to reckon with in the business world today. He has carved a niche for himself in the Global business platforms. As at the moment, Tim Cook net north is estimated to reach up to $400 million. He got there by a dint of hard work. He remains one of the foremost business personalities the world has ever produced.

Tim Cook Source Of Wealth

Apple Inc. remains the major source of income for the man Tim Cook. The company is highly valued across the globe. It remains a major player in software and hardware development. It competes with the likes of Microsoft and Dell. Tim Cook has been the CEO of the company for many years. He’s the man who has been behind the exploits of Apple Inc.

Ever since he became the CEO in 2011, Tim Cook net worth has continued to skyrocket. He has continued to make millions of cash as the man at the helm of the affairs.

Tim Cook Career In The Apple Company

Tim Cook PicturesTim Cook is a well-educated businessman. He passed through the famous Auburn University with a B.S degree in 1982. He also bagged his MBA from the prestigious Duke University School of Business in 1988.

Before he emerged the CEO in 2011, Tim Cook has been a part of the Apple Company since 1998. He worked with Compaq Corporation before joining Apple. He was very much committed to the outsourcing department of the company before he became the CEO.

Tim Cook has continued to make a tremendous impact in the Apple Company as the CEO. The management decided to retain him for a long term by awarding him 1 million Restricted Stock Units. This singular action makes his net worth reach up to $400 million.  As at the moment, his Restricted Stock Units is estimated to worth up to $600 million.

Moreover, Tim Cook’s salary as the CEO is up to $900,000 per year in addition to bonuses and other allowances he gets.Tim Cook Photos

Aside from being the CEO of Apple Inc, Tim Cook is also the director of Nike Company.  He makes millions from that as well. So far, he has sold some of his shares and amassed great wealth from the sales.

Tim Cook’s Assets And Relationship

Just like T-Pain and Steve-O, Tim Cook has great assets in diverse areas. His Palo Alto house is worth millions of dollars. Tim Cook’s car; Porsche Boxster is said to worth thousands of dollars. He equally has a fleet of cars to his credit.Tim Cook Photos

When it comes to male-female relationship, Tim Cook is not well known. His relationship with ladies is shrouded in secrecy. No one knows whether he’s married or still single.

Nevertheless, the famous business mogul remains a leading celebrity in America. His net worth is still on the increase. The future still holds a lot for Tim Cook.