Tim Allen Net Worth

Tim Allen Net Worth
How much is
Tim Allen worth:

  • Full Name: Timothy Allen Dick
  • Net Worth: $80 Million
  • Occupation: Actor, voice actor, film and movie producer, screenwriter, film and television director, comedian
  • Marital Status: Married to Jane Hajduk
  • Ethnicity: American with roots from Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Welsh

Tim Allen Net Worth – Voice For His Glorious Career

How much is Tim Allen Net Worth? – Approximately $80 Million

One of the biggest stars, Tim Allen, succeeded its fame mostly acting in children movies. ”Santa Claus” film series, ”Toy Story” film series, ”Jungle 2 Jungle0” and many others, these are all wonderful movies – for children and for parents as well. No one could think of Tim Allen without a smile connected to his roles. Now, he is proven actor with many past roles and many more to go. Tim Allen net worth is estimated around $80 million what makes him one of the richest celebrities.

Tim Allen Net Worth – Beginnings

Tim Allen PicturesIt was not easy to become a star. Just few of us have that luck to be born as rich, or a part of celebrity family, royalty etc. rest of us have to struggle and fight for itself to approach the desired goal.

Tim Allen was born on June 13th 1953. as Timothy Allen Dick in Denver, United States of America. He lived in regular American family, as third of five sons. When Tim was eleven, his father passed away in car accident. Two years later, his mother remarried and moved to Detroit, Michigan. Tim went to Western Michigan University where he started to profound his love to music and acting. He became a Bachelor of Science and honorary degree from Fine Arts.

His first acting steps were made at Ridley’s Comedy Caste in Detroit. Tim started as a comedian. Couple of years later, he moved to Los Angeles and started to act regularly at Comedy Store. After few minor roles, he started to play in television sitcom ‘’Home Improvement’’, but the biggest break through was a role in ‘’The Santa Claus’’ 1994. Tim’s success was bigger and bigger role after role. The parts of ‘’The Santa Claus’’, three parts of ‘’Toy Story’’, a role in Disney’s ‘’Jungle 2 Jungle’’, followed by ‘’Galaxy Quest’’, ‘’Zoom’’ and ‘’The Shaggy Dog’’ put Tim at the top of acting heaven. He is still acting in ‘’Last Man Standing’’, well known television show.

Tim Allen Net Worth – What Have Happened?

The fame is not always the best. It ensures a wealth, a pass to many destinations, it ensures highly reputations and admiration of many, but… there is always that ‘’but’’. Fame brings huge stress, after affects, lack of privacy and depression. Tim has his own hard time few years ago when he got arrested in possession of cocaine. However, it is not strange for well famous stars to break under pressure and start using drugs, like Robert Downey Jr. or Angelina Jolie.

Tim Allen Photos

Another problem was alcohol. Tim was arrested driving with high blood alcohol content. He has to go to the rehabilitation center and spend a year under probation.

Tim Allen Nt Worth – Living A Calm Life

Luckily for everyone, Tim Allen today lives a normal life with no drugs allowed. He lives in Hollywood Hills in the great house located in Mulholland Drive. Tim Allen’s house is worth 1.4 million. He lives with his wife Jane Hajduk, also an actress. He has two daughters from two marriages – first daughter Katherine was born 1989 from his marriage with Laura Diebel, and second one – Elisabeth was born 2009 from his current marriage with Jane.

Today, Tim Allen is a synonym for successful rehabilitation case. He lives a distant life with no vices, together with his loving wife and daughters. His parole was – When you really want it, you can do it!