Tiger Woods Net Worth

Tiger Woods Net Worth
How much is Tiger Woods worth:

  • Full Name: Eldrick Tont Woods, Investor
  • Net worth: $600 Million
  • Occupation: Professional Golfer
  • Marital Status: Divorced; currently dating Lindsey Vonn
  • Ethnicity: Multiracial

Tiger Woods Body Statistics:

  • Height: 6’1(1.8 m)
  • Weight: 84 kgs or 185 pounds
  • Shoe size: 11
  • Hair color: Black
  • Eye colour: Black

Tiger Woods Net Worth – Is The America Professional Golfer Worth More Than $600 Million?

Tiger Woods’s net worth of over $600 cannot be doubted. The professional golfer has won different Golf tournaments which in turn attracted companies to sign him in as their brand ambassador. Tiger Woods over the years gained worldwide fame in the golf circles since 1997 when he won his first Masters. At some point, the golfer had been ranked as the top most paid athlete in the world.

The professional golfer has had a very successful golfing career leading many to ask what is Tiger Woods net worth. In his late teen years, he got to endorse various brands. Did you know the golfer owns a private jet and a yacht? Yes, now you know. Tiger Woods made a purchase of $20, which was a Yacht from Christensen Shipyards. The golfer also has a private jet- Gulfstream V.Tiger Woods Pictures

Tiger Woods made a quick progress in the late 90(s) when he had shown determination, hard work, and an achiever. Despite his age, in 1997 he had made an impressive statement in the golf field, after just a year into professional golf he won the masters. Subsequently, he quickly achieved one number one worldwide almost at the same time his career as a professional golfer had started. Such growth obviously did come with sponsorships and brand endorsement deals whoever his wealthy could be attributed to the golf tournaments he has won over the years. Tiger Woods’s growth both professionally and economically cannot be compared to other golf players like Arnold Palmer, Justine Rose, and Phil Mickelson.

Is Tiger Woods A Ladies Man?

Tiger Woods Photos Apparently, most ladies love successful men. In his career as a golfer, Tiger Woods has over time been able to attract women into his life. Tiger Woods has all the things that modern women are looking for in a man. He has expansive mansions, beach properties, Tiger is a success in his career, he has sleek cars and he is moneyed. So who Tiger Woods girlfriend?

Tiger Woods, other women say that he is a ‘serial cheater’. Recently, he has seen to be dating Lindsey Vonn- (A champion skier) whom he is likely to marry. The decision to marry again may have taken by the golfer after it proves hard for a reunion between him and his ex-wife former model Elin Nordegren was not to work out. The player has been involved in a several break up prior to meeting her ex- wife. Perhaps, he has dated over 20 girls in her life. Relationships can be quite trick at times. Maybe he needs relationship coaches alongside golf training sessions.

A series of love life scandals have clearly affected Tiger Woods’s field performance. However despite the bad pitch performance, he is still getting endorsements.

Are There Tiger Woods Children With His Ex-Wife?

Prior to their 2010 break up, the couple –Tiger and Elin had two children, a son, Charlie 6, and a daughter Sam, 7. The two kids always support their father during golf tournaments. They also play a bit of golf, perhaps they will one day be like their father. The relationship between Elin and Tiger had been described as perfect. They had two kids together, both the Tiger and his then wife had successful careers and they had money. But the worst happened, the broke up!Tiger Woods Photos

Does The Golfer Own A Tiger Woods House?

Tiger Woods is a man of means. He has a property in Florida estimated to be worth $60 million.  He is an ambassador for Nike sport Wear Company; he rakes in millions from endorsements like this to maintain his property. The property which is set on Jupiter Island had an architectural project. Before they broke up with her wife, they had started the construction of the property which overlooks Atlantic Ocean. The property was designed with big windows that give the golfer a wide view of the Atlantic Ocean. At the back yard, lies a 3.5 acre piece of a golf course. Talk about living large. In his blog, the Golfer said that the he was excited that the designer had perfectly come out with the design he had in mind.Tiger Woods Photos

Has The Professional Healed From Tiger Woods Injury And Tiger Woods Surgery?

Tiger Woods has recovery from his injuries which led to a surgery. Golf like any other sport that involves physical exercise and energy, one can be injured. However, a knee injury is easy to recover from compared to a surgery. The golfer had stayed out of the field for a while to nurse his surgery. The golfer had under gone microdiscectomy surgery.