Terry Bradshaw Net Worth

Terry Bradshaw Net Worth
How much is Terry Bradshaw worth:

  • Full Name: Terry Paxton Bradshaw
  • Net Worth: $15 Million
  • Occupation: Football player, Sports Analyst, Commentator and Voice Actor
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: American

Terry Bradshaw Net Worth – A Perfectionist Who Lived Up His Dreams

Terry Bradshaw Net Worth And His Early Years

Bradshaw was born in Louisiana to mother Novis Gay and father William “Bill” Marvin Bradshaw. From early age he decided to take football as his profession. Professional experts called him an outstanding college football player in the nation. During 1970 NFL Draft he was selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers. His physical abilities, powerful arm apart from leadership qualities on the field led to the success of the Steelers. He played four super bowl games in his career passed a total of 932 yards, completing 9 touchdowns which remained record breaking till the time of his retirement. Terry Bradshaw net worth and his early years show he was incredible at his ability in football and had a glorious future.

Terry Bradshaw Net Worth And His Diversification To Other Lines Of Career

Intelligent is the man who reads his future in advance and responds to it at the right time. He was a guest special commentator for CBS Sports’ NFC before he worked permanently with them. He also worked a television studio and analyst and diversified his wings. After working for 10 years with CBS he changed to Fox Sports in 1994 and worked as a co-host and sports analyst. He understood the game well, with his intelligence and astute sense of humour he was recognised as a very successful commentator. Terry Bradshaw net worth and his diversification to other lines of career were well thought of executed well too.

Terry Bradshaw Net Worth Was Rising For The Superb Game He Was Playing Even Beyond The Football Court

Bradshaw tried his hand on many other genres of work too. In addition to television work he was also a singer, actor, writer and a motivational speaker. When players of his stature tend to extend themselves to such it is a huge bonus for the beginners in the field. His book ‘It’s Only a Game’ published in 2001 became a best seller. He sang country music and gospel among which “I am So Lonesome and I Could Cry,” became a huge hit song. He travelled around the world giving motivational speeches and also features in some films. Terry Bradshaw net worth was rising for the superb game he was playing even beyond the football court, he was a perfectionist who worked hard to achieve what he dreamt of.

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Terry Bradshaw Net Worth And Something About His Personal Life And Acquisitions

Bradshaw was about married four wives and divorced three. His girlfriend of 15 years Tammy, is his present wife. Post his games and bad marriages he went into a brief period of clinical depression. He also complained of anxiety attacks. He is presently going through a phase of short term memory loss.

His annual salary is $1 million. His private ranch in Oklahoma is worth $9.95 million. He has more properties in Hawaii and Texas, and is a very rich man indeed. He was the first NFL player to receive a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He became a very wealthy man like Susan Boyle and T.D.Jakes.