Tara Reid Net Worth

Tara Reid Net Worth
How much is Tara Reid worth:

  • Full Name: Tara Donna Reid
  • Net Worth: $2 Million
  • Occupation: Actress, model
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Ethnicity: White

Tara Reid Net Worth – How Much Is Tara Reid Worth?

Tara Reid net worth is an overall estimate of $2 million. She is known widely for her involvement in acting as well as in modelling. These two have brought significant amounts to her net worth. Tara Reid has acted in successful shows and films, from the time she was young. Today, she is still a common face on big screens. How has she made her money? Let’s find out together.

Tara Reid Acting Career   

She was born in Wyckoff, New Jersey, back in 1975. She first appeared on TV, when she was only nine years old. This was in “Child’s Play”, a very interesting game show, which prevailed at the time. After this role, she has been on over 100 commercials for various large firms, the likes of McDonald’s, Jell-O, Milton Bradley and Crayola. She also took minor roles in TV shows such as “Days of Our Lives”, “Saved by the Bell: The New Class”, “Scrubs” and “California Dreams”.

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Besides, Tara Reid is also popular for her involvement in “The American Pie” and “The Big Lebowski”.  In 2011, she was back on television, this time in “Celebrity Big Brother”, although she did not remain in the “house” for long.  After Tara gained popularity and money after the American Pie, her behavior changed. She became a party animal and instead of the media reporting about her accomplishments in acting, they focused on her newly-found way of life. As it was expected, this took toll on her career. Her fame went down especially when she told the Rolling Stone magazine that at times she blacks out, after intense drinking.

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In 2010, she was in modelling again, this time it was for Playboy. At the same year, she was engaged to Michael Axtmann, a popular internet enterpreneur but later they parted ways. This was not her first relationship, neither was it to become the last.  She had dated Carson Daly earlier in 2006 and later on in 2011, Tara Reid dated Michael Lillelund. Recent Tara Reid boyfriend was Erez Eisen, who was an Egyptian music artist. Besides her confused love life, she also had a botched cosmetic surgery. Tara Reid plastic surgery was a liposuction. It did not go well at first  but was corrected later on.

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Now you understand, why Tara Reid net worth is this much.