Suzanne Somers Plastic Surgery

Suzanne Somers Plastic Surgery Before And After

Suzanne Somers Plastic Surgery – Was Not The Best Choice For Her

It is not easy to be an actress in the golden age in Hollywood. Hollywood has a very strong youth cult, and first wrinkles you create will kick you out of the Hollywood A league into the league where best roles you can get is of the main characters mother, or that weird old lady with dozen cats. no wonder actresses do whatever they can to postpone that day.

They are on a strict diet; they regularly practice  and used different cosmetic treatments. When all that fails, and sometimes before, they book an appointment with a plastic surgeon. Suzanne Somers is not an exception, and thanks to that we can talk about Suzanne Somers plastic surgery.

Suzanne Somers Pictures Suzanne Somers was born on October 16th, 1946 in San Bruno in California. She first started working as a model and in late 60s and early 70s she got first acting roles. She is mostly known for her roles in television sitcoms Three is a Company and Step by Step. In 1980 and 1984 she posed for Playboy. In 2001, she found out that she has breast cancer. however, her recovery was a complete success. Besides acting, she sings and writes. since most of her career was marked with her physical looks, no wonder she wanted to maintain it. The million dollar question is: did she make it?

Suzanne Somers Photos Suzanne Somers is not young anymore, and is shows. As she is closing to her 70th birthday, you have to see some signs of aging process. They are sagged skin, especially in jaw and neck area, eye bags and all wrinkles. There is no way you can reach this age without those signs. If your face looks a decade of two younger than your birth certificate, there can be few answers, and all of them are connected with plastic surgery. Facelift is a procedure where surgeon removes extra skin and tights the rest. This way you get rid of sagged skin and get younger looks. Besides the face, a similar procedure can be done on the neck or jaw, or even on eyelids. Another procedure that is often done at same time with face lift is filling injections or Botox. In this case, surgeon injects some filling, usual patient´s own fat on critical places. It smoothes the skin and makes it look younger and without wrinkles. Botox works similarly.

One more procedure experts think Suzanne Somers did are lip implants. It inserts different contest into lips to make them look bigger than usual. Unfortunately, it looks like Suzanne´s surgeon overdrive with it, and this is a classic case of plastic surgery gone wrong.

Suzanne Somers Photos Suzanne never admitted these procedures. As a matter of fact, only think she admitted is a breast operation. She recovered from the breast cancer, but it left her with uneven breasts. According to her, she did not want some foreign object such as implants in her body, and she did not like another possibility, which is taking peace of fat and muscle from a hip and placing it in the breast. Instead, she found out about a Japanese doctor who practically helps woman regrow her breast, and she is very satisfied with that.

If we put aside her breast operation, which was probably a necessity after her cancer; the central question is what about other operations? Did she overdrive in an attempt to regain her youth? Everyone has right to its opinion, but most people believe it was simply too much. Today her appearance looks too young for her age, and too unnatural as well. That puts her in a category of stars who made a poor choice of doctor or procedure and ended looking like a “do not do this to yourself” poster.

Suzanne Somers MeasurementsIf you want to see different example, check Reba McEntire before and after photos. She is also a woman of a certain age, and she also did a procedure to rejuvenate. But, unlikely Suzanne, she looks younger, but natural and appealing.

So, what do you think? Does Suzanne Somers look better than before or not? Did those operations help her, or just made her look silly? What is your opinion on Suzanne Somers plastic surgeries?