Susan Sarandon Plastic Surgery

Susan Sarandon Plastic Surgery Before And After
Susan Sarandon Plastic Surgery – Was Discussed With The Star Herself

Susan Sarandon’s Story

Susan Sarandon Pictures Susan Sarandon was born on October 4, 1946 and she is a famous American actress. She won the BAFTA Award for Best Actress for her performance in the film “The Client” in 1994 and the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in the film “Dead Man Walking” in 1995. She started her career with a role in the film “Joe”, in 1970. Then, between 1970 and 1971, she appeared in the soap opera “A World Apart”. Besides the Academy Award that she won, she also got nominations for this award for her role in the films “Atlantic City”, “The Client” and “Lorenzo’s Oil”. She also received five Emmy nominations on television, for “Bernard and Doris” and “You Don’t Know Jack”. She also appeared in other films, such as “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, “The Hunger”, “Pretty Baby”, “Bull Durham”, “The Witches of Eastwick”, “Little Women”, “Stepmom”, “White Palace”, “Enchanted”, “Arbitrage”, “Igby Goes Down” and “The Lovely Bones”. On celebrities such as her fame, often appear rumors, especially regarding plastic surgery. However, Susan Sarandon plastic surgery is not a rumor, but it is a fact, as the celebrity herself admitted this to be true.

Susan Sarandon Speaking About Her Plastic Surgery

Susan Sarandon Photos Susan Sarandon appeared in on a show, where she was asked about plastic surgery. Very openly she replied that she has gone under the knife to remove something around her neck, but she admitted that she is afraid of Botox injections, as she needs her face to be able to move. She explained that her facial appearance is only due to her make-up artist and also to the fact that she is a non-smoker, which, according to her, also helps on the appearance. Although she seemed quite open to talk about her plastic surgery, she does not really sound true when she claims that her facial appearance is only the result of healthy lifestyle and a professional make-up artist. Do you really believe her?

Susan Sarandon confessed that she has gone under the knife and she also admitted that she might continue doing this in the future as well. She said that she has had some liposuction under her chin and under her eyes, too. She also added that she is aware of the frown lines on her forehead, but she is also aware of what can Botox injections do to her face and she needs to be able to move her face, so she would not agree doing Botox injections.

Another part of her body which seems to have gone under the knife in order to be enhanced is her bust. Even according to her, breasts are an important part and she seems to have had breast augmentation sometime in the past.

In her opinion, every woman should do with her body whatever she desires to, but it is important to keep the essence of who you are. Therefore, she explains that it is fine to have plastic surgery done as long as you know where to stop with the procedures. She also added that plastic surgery can become addictive.

Although she is getting very close to her 70’s, Susan Sarandon still looks great. When talking about her, people compare Susan Sarandon plastic surgery before and after pictures in order to be able to observe the differences in her appearance and to determine what procedures she might have undergone in order to achieve her actual appearance. So, what do you think? Is she saying only the truth about her procedures or she also lies about them?

Plastic Surgery And Celebrities

Many celebrities from Hollywood maintain their beauty and their youth with the help of plastic surgery. Especially when they get over a certain age, celebrities wish to look beautiful and young in order to maintain their popularity. Susan Sarandon is not the only celebrity who doesn’t display her real age, as there are many others in the same case as hers. For example, Barbara Walters’s plastic surgery is another good example of successful procedures.

Susan Sarandon Body Statistics :

Susan Sarandon MeasurementsFans were questioning about Susan Sarandon’s body statistics, so here they can see them:

  • Measurements : 97 – 69 – 91 cm
  • Bra size : 34D
  • Height : 170 cm
  • Weight : 63 kg
  • Shoe size :5
  • Dress size : 6
  • Hair color : Red
  • Eye color : Hazel