Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery

Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery Before And After
Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery  – The Reinvention Of A Lady

Susan Lucci plastic surgery definitely makes her look prettier and a bit slender. Her fantastically skinny body is rather a worrysome. The surgery she decided to undergo has created several pros and cons. The treatment definitely made her lost a few pounds. You can clearly see how her appearance is different from yesterday. She fixed her nose and got those wrinkles gone. Little did she know that the media puts the eye on her change of appearance?

Susan Lucci plastic surgery before after photos shows significant differences. it is obviously clear that she gets younger instead of older. Many have questioned has Susan Lucci had plastic surgery or not? The sudden change can’t be that obvious and it is not the make up who did that. She is also rumored to have rhinoplasty and liposuction. While we did not know the truth, we strongly believe there might have been the knife jobs.

Many celebrities who have done plastic surgery were Megan Fox and Cameron diaz. Both of them had lip reconstruction and also fillers to make their cheekbones look higher. You can see their changes when you compare the pictures. The press has speculated her transformation was due to the plastic surgery. She has that lovely charm of a lovely tv host. And of course she is not the only victim of plastic surgery.

How Well Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery Is?

The Emmy Award Winner has gone through difficulties and now she strives through the lens as we see her often in the screen. She has inspired all the ladies in the world to obtain beautiful look under the knife. Many opinions stated that the cosmetic procedures that she underwent were more than just one type. It could be rhinoplasty, boob job, facelift and eyelid surgery. She also did chemical peel at the lightest effort. The 60 year old lady is looking as young as a teen model. She needs something to retain that kind of beauty don’t you think?

But somehow we have to admit she is losing her sensual touch. Unlike the good old days when her face was not made from plastic.

Susan Lucci Photos Her fans were surprised with her transformation. But with all do respect, it is her choice, isn’t it? she did that also to appreciate the people who loves her. Though some people might not agree with her decision, Susan is a hot topic now and then. She often shows up with flare dress and showing off her cleavage plus tight skirt that forms her buttocks perfectly. Your heart would skip a beat.

The assumption is somewhat true when you look at her jaw line. Her neck is also smooth without any lines and her face looks vibrant without any frowns. Susan Lucci plastic surgery was a hot topic when she first came out to public wearing her new appearance. It is quite interesting that she looks more confident. After spending time under the knife, Susan Lucci finally gets that self esteem back. But her friends believe that she has her own reason. The procedure has made her pass the test. She can join the stars who did the plastic surgeries like her fellows.

Susan Lucci Photos For example, Patricia Heaton has made it clear that she chose the knife path to enhance her boob appearance for healthy reason. She also mentioned about not caring what others have to say because it’s her own body and as an entertainer, she somehow has to do what it takes to get in shape. Even if it requires an instant make over.

Susan Lucci has created an inspiration the the haters as well as her admirers. Her look is different now and she is not worried a bit.

What do you think about Susan Lucci complete reconstruction? Does she have that better look or worse?

Susan Lucci Body Statistics :

Susan Lucci MeasurementsHeight : 5’1″ (155 cm)

Weight : 105 lbs (48 kg)

Dress size : 4

Body measurement : 35-25-35 inches (89-64-89 cm)

Shoe : 7

Bra size : 32C