SNSD Plastic Surgery

SNSD Plastic Surgery Before And After
SNSD Plastic Surgery – Is No Surprise To Their Fans

It is not enough to sing well if you want to become a famous singer in these days. You need to look good as well. In order to achieve it; many famous musics stars went under the knife of a plastic surgeons. If you want an example, probably the best is SNSD group. There are nine girls in that group, and all of them had some of plastic surgery, so we can talk a lot about SNSD plastic surgery.

SNSD Pictures SNSD, or So Nyeo Shi Dae is also known under english name Girl´s Generation. It is a South Korean girl band founded in 2007. There are nine girls in the group: Taeyeon, Jessica, Tiffany, Sunny, Yoona, Sooyoung, Yuri, Hyoyeon and Seohyun. They started the career as some successor of Spice Girls and their “Girl power.” The english name Girl´s Generation is short for “The generation of girl´s domination has come.” They are extremely popular on Far East, especially in Korea and Japan, but recently they started to gain popularity on a western market when they published some songs on english.

Popularity of boy and girl bands is based on good looks of members even more than on quality of the songs, and this group is no exception. When their publisher was searching for members of the group, their looks was probably one of the first three features on the list. If you add famous South Koreans infatuation with plastic surgeries, especially those that will make them look more like white people, it will be a bigger surprise if those girls had no surgeries.

What surgeries they had? Let´s starts from the beginning. Taeyeon had rhinoplastic which changed shape of her nose, and eyelid surgery that is very common among Koreans who want their eyes to look more like white people eyes. Rumors say Jessica had rhinoplastic as well, along with jaw line surgery that redefined her jaw shape. Tiffany had rhinoplastic that narrowed her nose line and changed its tip. It seems she also had eyelid surgery since her eyes look wider than on her older photos. Sunny had a nose job, since her newer pictures show smaller nose with a sharper tip and narrow nostrils. Yoona did a jaw surgery to create more egg shaped line of her face. It seems she also had a nose job to fit her new face line. Sooyoung followed her with a jawline surgery that slimmed her face line and a rhinoplastic that narrowed her nose. Yuri did eyelid surgery that made her eyes look wider than they used to. Hyoyeon seems to have most operations. on her list, you can find eyelid operation, rhinoplastic, lip augmentation and jaw line operation. Seohyun had eyelid operation, which result in strengthened and slightly enhanced eyes.

SNSD Photos This long list looks scary when you put it all on one place, but when you look SNSD plastic surgery before and after photos, you can say for sure results are excellent. All operations just improved their natural beauty, and changes are very subtle. In some cases, only experienced eye of an expert can say for sure they had some procedure. Those are all sings of a well done job, and we can only hope they will stay on that track, and they will not overdrive it. It would not be the first time to see that happened. We can only hope they will stop here and not spoil it all with too many operations.

SNSD girls looked great before operations, and now they look even better. That is what plastic surgery should be all about: it should improve and not drastically change someone´s appearance. It is a good example how it should be done.

Another god example are members of one of the biggest world girl groups Spice Girls. They did it some time later in their lives, but no doubt they all went under the knife. However, all the operations were good and results were satisfying.

SNSD MeasurementsNow it is your turn to say what do you think about this theme. Are all those operations good or bad? Did they improve their looks were they just throwing money away?