Smokey Robinson Plastic Surgery

Smokey Robinson Plasticc Surgery Before And After
Smokey Robinson Plastic Surgery – Is Apparent And Unnatural

Smokey is still very famous on his 70s, but he looks like at least twenty years younger man, so people started discussing his plastic surgeries. So, let´s start from the beginning. A person of his age cannot avoid signs of aging. Those are wrinkles on the forehead, crow´s feet in eye corners, laughing lines from nose to mouth corners, sagging skin in neck and jaw area and eye bags, to mention just the most notable features. Smokey has none of them. To achieve this Smokey Robinson plastic surgery must have happened.

Smokey Robinson Pictures Many people go under the plastic surgeon´s knife, and all of them are not celebrities. There are plastic surgeries done to correct some birth defects or injury’s results such as scars or burns.  On the other hand, there are plastic surgeries on otherwise healthy and good looking people who are trying to stop aging or improve their looks. It will not come as a surprise to you that probably the highest percentage of this operation if you measure it with a total population happens among celebrities. That is not a surprise. when your face is regular on newspapers front pages and online portals, you just have to look the best you can. Only problem is that some people go too far while searching for the best looks. One of the best examples for that is Smokey Robinson plastic surgery.

Smokey Robinson was born as Wiliam Robinson in a poor Detroit family on February 19th, 1940. He was above average in school and a good athlete, but his main interest was music. Still in high school, he formed a band with some colleagues, and they started playing in Detroit. After few changes, they named it Miracles. smokey was a main vocal and songwriter in that group. They recorded for Motown and became very famous soon. In 1969, Robinson retired from the group to focus on his family and work of Motown vice president. Few years later he started solo career.

Smokey Robinson Photos First of all, he did eyelid lift, brow lift, neck lift and face lift. All those lifts have one thing in common. They remove sagged skin and tight up the rest. However, when you overdrive it, result can be pretty weird, like in his case. It is not that the job was done badly; he just looks too young for his age. Besides, brow lift moved his brow too away from his eyes, which makes his face look strange.

Total absence of all wrinkles can be the result of liftings we discussed before, but it is possible he also did some fillings or Botox. Those procedures insert fillings such as your own fat or Botox in critical places. Implanted material has the same effect as when you inflated a balloon: it stretches and tightens skin and removes all the wrinkles. If it is performed well, it can make people look younger than they should.

Smokey Robinson Photos Smokey´s skin looks too perfect. It is shiny, with no defects and signs of aging. Overall result is technically not wrong. There is no particular problem you can point your finger on and say that is it. That is what went wrong.  But, when you look at this face knowing how old Smokey Robinson is, you something is wrong. He looks like his Madame Tussauds wax replica, and not like a real person.

Smokey Robinson plastic surgeryis a great example of how you can goo too far with surgery. There is nothing wrong if you want to look good, and if you decide to go on plastic surgery, results could be great. Plastic surgery can rejuvenate you, fix some problems or faults you have and improve your looks in many other ways. On the other hand, it can make you look silly or even worse. It is good to remove a couple of years from your face, but removing couple of decades is just too much.

Smokey Robinson MeasurementsGood example of well done job is Gordon Ramsey. British celebrity chef had very pronounced wrinkles, especially on his forehead and around the mouth. He did not remove it completely, just smoothed it, and final result  is natural and appealing.

I would like to her your opinion. What do you think about Smokey Robinson´s surgeries? Is it a good job, or he went way too far when he tried to reverse clock instead of just slowing it down?