Slash Net Worth

Slash Net Worth
How much is worth Slash:

  • Full Name: Real name of Slash is Saul Hudson
  • Net Worth: $32 million
  •  Occupation: Songwriter and Musician, film producer, record producer
  •  Marital Status: Filed for divorce
  • Ethnicity: British-American

Slash Net Worth – Unstirred With The Tragedies Of His Real Life

Slash Net Worth And His Saga Of Expertise In Music

Slash is simply outstanding by all means. This British-American songwriter and musician gained humungous success with his astonishing talent of music. His fingers always created magic with guitar when he was the lead guitarist in the famous American rock band Guns N’ Roses. In late 80’s and in early 90’s he gained enormous success worldwide with this band. Slash created a side project as well with the name Slash’s Snakepit in the period of his late years with Guns N’ Roses. Then the supergroup Velvet Revolver was co-founded by him and with its help he managed to re establish himself as performer in the mainstream Since then three albums has been released by Slash whose names are World on Fire(2014), Apocalyptic Love(2012), and Slash(2010). His perfection and devotion is identical to the Skrillex and Rev Run. Slash has earned lots of money with his spectacular performances, therefore Slash net worth is $32 million.

Slash Net Worth And His Early Career

Slash was born on 23rd July 1965 in Hampstead (London), England. His parents were in the entertainment business already. His father was an art director in a record company and his mother was clothing designer. His mother took him to LA at the age of 11. Slash got his first guitar at the age of 15 which he liked to play all the day without thinking about anything else. He formed a band named Road Crew after meeting with Steven Adler. Then Slash met Izzy Stardlin who played in the band of Axl Rose. Slash was eager to bring Axl in his band once after hearing him live. Later Duff Mckagen was also added in the group as bass player. So, as a result the famous Guns N’ Roses group formed in the year 1986. This group became the rocking sensation all across the globe. In this period Slash worked with several big names like Lenny Kravitz, and Michael Jackson.

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 Slash Net Worth And His Achievements

Slash’s riff in “Sweet Child o’ Mine” got the number one rank on the list of “The 100 Greatest Riffs” by Total Guitar in the year 2004. His solo performance in the ‘November rain’ got the 6th place on the list of “The 100 Greatest Guitar Solos” by Guitar World in the year 2008.

In the year 2009 Slash was named as runner up on the list of “The 10 Best Electric Guitar Players” by Time. In 2011 He got the 65th rank on the list of “The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time” by Rolling Stone.Slash Photos

Slash Net Worth And His Personal Life

Slash married the Renee Suran in 1992. But after five years of marriage they got divorced in 1997. In the year 2001 Slash married to Perla Ferrar. They have got two suns named London Emilio and Cash Anthony. In August 2010 he filed a divorced from his second wife Ferrar but the couple adjusted the situation after two months. In the year 2014, he again filed a divorce with his wife. In the year 2001 due to several years of drug and alcohol consumption he was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy which is a form of congestive heart failure. He managed to live due to the defibrillator implant and physical therapy. He has really brightened the life of his fans with plenty of memorable moments of rock music.