Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery

Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery Before And After
Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery – Botox Injections For Youthful Looks

Simon Cowell is television personality, producer, A&R executive and entrepreneur from United Kingdom. He was born in Lambeth, London, and he is 54 years old. He became well know and very popular all around the globe as a judge in television shows such as American Idol, Pop Idol, Britain’s got talent, and The X Factor. As a judge, people start to either love him or hate him because he always has certain criticism comments and he really knows how to insult the contestant. Simon Cowell is also the owner of Syco, music publishing house. The thing is, no matter what kind of comment he will have in certain television show, his career is really brilliant and he was the reason why some music stars became so popular. During 2013 he was in center of attention because of his relationship with Lauren Silverman. The couple got their first child in February 2014. That was not the only time when this celebrity was in center of attention. Few times Simon Cowell plastic surgery procedure rumors were among the top news.

What Kind Of Plastic Surgery Procedures Did Simon Cowell Had?

Simon Cowell Pictures It is really not so hard to see the difference on Simon’s face and to notice that there have been some changes. As soon as you look at Simon Cowell plastic surgery before and after photos, you will be completely sure that he had some work done. As many other celebrities, even he was not able to resist to try some new things out in order to boost his appearance. There were a lot of rumors about possible procedures he probably had such as:

  • Botox injections
  • Face lift procedures

Simon Cowell Photos The thing is, Simon admitted and talked openly about botox injections and he stated that he was using botox injections to improve his looks. He does not consider botox injections as plastic surgery procedure, but many people will not agree with him on this one, because botox is a kind of plastic surgery. When it comes to facelift, he never admitted to have that surgery, and there is no evidence that he actually had it. He does look much younger than he actually is, and he seems kind of rejuvenated and refreshed all the time. Many men in his age would love to look as good as he does. Some people even say that Simon Cowell botox injections are his obsession, and that he even treats his friends with it, but those are just rumors. He had botox, and there is no secret about it. Some time ago, he was spotted in Beverly Hills with a bandage behind his ear, and then rumors about new possible plastic surgery starter and rumors about Simon Cowell facelift, but he did not confirm any of those rumors.

When one looks at John Kerry plastic surgery photos before and after he will find that the nose of this gentleman has been subjected to correction. The bridge of his nose has got changed with it going thinner. This is sufficient indication that he has undergone rhinoplasty, a kind of plastic surgery performed in order to enhance the appearance and the functionality of the nose.

How Well Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery Was Preformed?

Simon Cowell Photos As soon as people notice that some of the celebrities had any kind of plastic surgery interventions done, debate about results of it begins. Plastic surgeries are something completely normal these days, especially among celebrity persons, men and women, both. In order to improve their looks, they will decide to go under knife, sometimes even too often, and that can really damage their natural looks and beauty. When it comes to Simon Colwell, it would be unfair to say that his look was ruined, because it was not. He obviously did not have any crazy desires from his plastic surgeon, and that is why his facial expression is not changed. The truth is, you can hardly find a single wrinkle on his face, but that is the results of botox injections. There are so many different cases when plastic surgery really can go wrong especially when someone is hooked on those procedures.

Simon Cowell MeasurementsToday, many celebrity men are going under knife to improve their looks, such as Sylvester Stallone. That is why facts about Simon Cowell plastic surgery and botox injections did not come as some huge surprise. Above it all, he was not like some other celebrities who were trying to hide something that is pretty obvious. He admitted that he was using botox injections, and he spoke openly about it several times.

What do you think about Simon Cowell looks? Did he ruined his natural looks, or you think he still looks pretty good?