Simon Cowell Net Worth

Simon Cowell Net Worth
How much is Simon Cowell worth:

  • Full Name: Simon Philip Cowell
  • Net Worth: $320 Million
  • Occupation: Actor, music producer, TV host
  • Marital Status: Dating Lauren Silverman
  • Ethnicity: White

Simon Cowell Body Statistics:

  • Measurements: 50”chest, 17”biceps, 33” waist
  • Height: 5’9” or 175cm
  • Weight: 170 pounds or 77kg
  • Shoe Size: 10
  • Hair Color: Dark brown
  • Eye Color: Dark brown

Simon Cowell Net Worth – What Is The Worth Of The X-Factor Host

Simon Cowell net worth is about $320 million. He is a well-known television personality. This is not surprising since he is said to earn $75 million annually. Such a figure would increase his net worth greatly. Apart from being an icon in the television industry, he also works as a music executive and a TV producer. To know the exact value of Simon’s net worth or the reason why the analysts arrived at the figure, it would be best to learn a few things about his life; you know his accomplishments and awards. A bit of his personal life will not hurt either.

The Early Years Of Simon Cowell  

Simon Cowell Pictures Simon was not born rich, but he had to struggle his way up to garner a whopping net worth of $320 million. He was born and raised in England. Simon Cowell started very low, by first taking low-paying jobs. This was before his father recruited him to serve as an executive in his company EMI Music Publishing. While he was taking odd jobs, he first worked in a mailroom. He really wanted to get a top job and worked hard towards it. It seems that his determination did bear fruit, since his father found him suitable to serve in his firm as a music publisher. This position added lots of money to the net worth of Simon Cowell.

Owing to his ambitious attitude, he decided to stop working for his father, to go and start his own music publishing company. He named it E&S Music.  At the same time, he got another job at Fanfare Records. Under this label, he managed Sinitta, a popular artist. He worked here for eight years, after which he left and formed another publishing label S-Records. With two music-publishing labels under his belt, his net worth, could only hit the sky.

While the music was the major contributor of his net worth, he also made some notable financial successes, from his other endeavors.  In 2001, he began serving as a judge for different talent shows. He started with “Pop Idol”. The show was initiated in America but today it is aired in over a hundred countries. This has not only gained Simon Cowell, immense popularity but it has also added significantly to his net worth. Afterward, he got a rather more-paying opportunity, to be a judge on yet another successful talent show “American Idol. His roles in judging did add a substantial amount of money to his worth.

Even after joining the American Idol, when it was in its ninth season, he still managed to pocket a lot of money. Actually, he earned $33 million for each season, from his first appearance on the show in 2006. Simon has not stopped establishing more labels and his newest is Syco. The label produces albums and singles for upcoming music talents, which appear in the “The X Factor” and “Britain’s Got Talent”.

Simon also featured in TV series, which added some money to his net worth. They include “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” and “The Wiggles”.  How much is Simon Cowell worth? Today, he takes home $95 million, every year. After leaving the American Idol, he is now the host of his show “The X Factor”.  Here he helps to bring up the best out of the upcoming music artists.

Simon Cowell Private Life

Simon Cowell Photos A lot can be said about Simon’s private life but let’s just say a few things. Simon Cowell girlfriend is Lauren Silverman, with whom they have a child. However, the couple does not seem to be in good terms recently. This was reported when Sir Philip Greene hosted them for dinner. Lauren seemed to be all over the host and she had dressed in a jumpsuit, which showed off her post-birth shape. That aside, let’s delve into, Simon Cowell house. It is one luxurious mansion.

The star and mogul, monitor his home from the comfort of his couch via two mega screens, measuring 40 inches each. 24/7, the entire house is under surveillance. Hence, for those with sticky fingers, before you think of touching anything in Simon’s mansion, that is if you ever get there, be warned, somebody is watching. Just to give you a glimpse of what it looks like. There are four bedrooms, a gym, an expensively furnished kitchen, a nursery. He also has a great collection of cars in his garage including Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Ford Bronco. What more, the backyard garden is a sight to behold, with an array of olive and lemon trees, together with a lawn, a pool adorned with black tiles and a glorious water feature capable of shooting fire.

Now you know why Simon Cowell, owns that much. This is not a permanent figure but one, which is open for change. With his many ventures, a rise in his net worth will be inevitable.