Sig Hansen Net Worth

Sig Hansen Net Worth
How much is Sig Hansen worth:

  • Full Name: Sigurd Jonny Hansen
  • Net Worth: $2 Million
  • Occupation: Captain, TV personality
  • Marital Status: Married to June Hansen
  • Ethnicity: White

Sig Hansen Net Worth – How Rich Is The Deadliest Catch Captain?

Sig Hansen net worth is stated to be about 2 million dollars He has garnered most of his money from the television show, where he appears, called the “Deadliest Catch”. Actually, from each season of this show, he bags around a million dollars.  However, this is not the only source of his income but he also earns from his occupation as a captain. Most people know him as Capt. Sig Hansen. So, what has made captain Sig’s net worth to be this much.

Captain Sig Hansen Life In The Sea

From the time Sig Hansen, was born, most of his environment revolved around fishing. Almost all of his folks were involved in fishing. Hence, from a tender age Hansen started fishing in Bering Sea and Alaska, using the family’s boat.  When he was a teenager, his father could not mind carrying him aboard to serve as his deckhand or relief skipper. Later on, he was given the mandate to fish in the waters of Northwestern, without closer supervision from his father. He then became a captain, when he was only 24 years old. From then, he began his career and he has had successful maneuvers in the Northwestern waters.

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His life at sea has attracted many people’s attention. His popularity has given him a leading role, in one of the most watched television reality show in America.   In the show, the producers are allowed into his vessel, where they film him and the crew as they go to different places in the sea, during the fishing seasons. Captain Sig Hansen, is said to be the most daring fisherman, there is. This is because, of going to fish in deep waters and dangerous spots, where most fishermen, will not attempt to go. May be this is why the show is named “The Deadliest Catch”. Besides his appearance in this show, he has also appeared as a guest star in The Tonight Show and co-authored a book that sold amicably. Today, he is in “Celebrity Apprentice”, acting alongside Kate Gosselin and Donald Trump.  All these have increased his net worth, one way or the other.

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Sig Hansen Life On Land

He is married and with two lovely daughters.  Sig Hansen wife is called June Hansen. Together they reside in Seattle. It would interest you to know that Sig Hansen speaks Norwegian. This is because the parents spoke the language at home. He also follows the sea diet of the Norwegians, which includes cigarettes, chocolate and coffee.  Lastly, he is a fan of Seattle Mariners and Seattle Seahawks.

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That is Sig Hansen net worth. It is bound to increase and especially now that he is more involved in TV shows.