Seth Macfarlane Net Worth

Seth MacFarlane Net Worth
How much is Seth MacFarlane worth:

  • Full Name: Seth Woodbury MacFarlane
  • Net Worth: $150 Million
  • Occupation: producer, actor, singer
  • Marital Status: single
  • Ethnicity: Scotish, Irish and English

Seth Macfarlane Net Worth – Producer Definitely Eared A Lot Of Money

Seth MacFarlane Pictures People who are fans of television shows such as Family Guy, American Dad! And The Cleveland Show, definitely know who Seth MacFarlane is. He has been in the industry for years, but it seems like everything he decides to do is turn to pure gold, and becomes a success. He is not only the producer, he is also a comedian, singer, actor, writer, and songwriter. When you see all the things he can do, Seth MacFarlane net worth should not be an issue. Thanks to his talent and his remarkable ideas he is able to create the most interesting things for the fans from all over the world, and today, his net worth is around $150 million. Since he had years ahead, people who enjoy in his work can expect more great things in the future.

Seth Macfarlane Early Life And Education

Seth MacFarlane Photos Seth MacFarlane was born in Kent, Connecticut, in The United States, on October 26, 1973. He has a younger sister, Rachel Ann MacFarlane, and she is a voice actress. His mother worked in the Admission Office, and his father was a teacher. Since he was a little boy, Seth showed the interest in illustration. He often draw some of his favorite cartoon characters, and some of them are Woody Woodpecker and Fred Flintstone. It was pretty clear that his career one day will be in the field of animation, since his interest in it became stronger over the years. After the high school, he decided to study at the Rhode Island School of Design.

Family Guy – Television Show That Millions Of People Are Watching For Years

Family guy is a television show that exists since 1999. Many years later, people still enjoy every single episode, and the show itself became extremely popular. The main reason for it lies in ideas and dedication of Seth MacFarlane. Even now, 15 years later, people still are not discussing the possible end of the show, because they want more. It is an enormous success. The question how much is Seth MacFarlane worth should not be even asked, since he is the creator of Family Guy. It means he definitely worth a lot, no doubt about it.

Set Macfarlane Relationships And Dating History

Seth MacFarlane Photos Even though Seth is not married yet, his history of dating is really impressive. Of course, you should keep in mind that many of the stories about Seth and some of the girls are probably just rumors, once in a while, you can read about a new girl. At the moment, the rumor is that Seth maybe seeing one of the stars of Gossip Girl, popular teenage television show, Jessica Szohr. It is too early for anyone to say with certainty if she is a Seth Macfarlane girlfriend, since it is just a rumor. They were in a piano bar together, and since that rumor started. However, that does not necessarily mean that these two are the actual couple, maybe they are just friends.

If we put aside all the stories about many lovely ladies who allegedly dated Seth MacFarlane, one thing is certain, this guy is incredibly talented, and he is crazy rich. Since he is a producer, singer, and actor, his net worth can increase a lot in the future, and that would not be a surprise. In the world of celebrities, incomes are crazy, and at the moment Seth MacFarlane is in the company of many other celebrities such as Sylvester Stallone and Robert Downey Jr and his income is enormous. Since many of the television shows he created are still airing, his income will only be bigger in the future. Since he enjoys singing as well, he released two albums: Music is better than words, and Holliday for Swing. Of course, he will not stop on Family Guy, because he definitely has some amazing plans for the future.

Seth MacFarlane Body Statistics MeasurementsWhat do you think about Seth MacFarlane as a producer? Do you watch Family Guy or American Dad!  ?