Sean Combs Net Worth

Sean Combs Net Worth
How much is
Sean Combs worth :

  • Full Name: Sean Combs
  • Net Worth: $700 Million
  • Occupation: Singer, Rapper, Actor, Fashion Designer, Record Producer, Film Producer, Television Producer, Screenwriter
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Ethnicity: American

Sean Combs Net Worth – How The Renowned Rapper Made His Millions

The American music industry has continued to witness the rise of young rappers and singers in the recent times. Sean Combs also known as “P. Diddy” is no doubt one of them. He’s one of the most influential young persons in the American music industry. As at the moment, Sean Combs net worth is estimated to be up to $700 million. He’s indeed one of the richest singles in the world of American music.

Sean Combs Source Of Wealth

P.Diddy is multi-talented. He has multiple streams of income. He makes millions as a rapper and singer. He has released several singles and albums to his credit. He also makes millions as an actor. He has appeared in several American music shows and movies.

Moreover, the renowned rapper is also a flourishing fashion designer with a particular interest in men’s fashion. He’s equally a TV producer, Record producer, Film producer and Screenwriter. All of these account for the ever increasing Sean Combs net worth.

Early Life And Career Build Up  

Sean Combs PicturesSean Combs hails from Harlem, New York. He had a rough beginning since he lost his father as a child. His family had their abode in a public housing project. However, Sean made up his mind to be great in life.  He had a great time as a student at the Howard University, Washington DC.  He became well known as a marketer and promoter.

Sean Combs started his music career as a rapper when he released his first album titled “No Way Out”.  In 1997, he also came out with his first single captioned “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down”. This particular single brought him to the limelight. He was nominated for awards severally. He ended up winning the 1998 Best Rap Album Award.

Sean Combs did not stop there. He went ahead to release other albums with exciting titles such as “Forever”, “Press Play, and many others. Most of his singles and albums sold like hot cakes. Many of them are still selling till tomorrow.

P Diddy made millions of money from the sales. He still smiles to bank monthly through the continuous reproduction of most of his albums.

Sean Combs Achievements, Assets And Relationship

Sean Combs PhotosSean Combs made lots of progress as a singer and rapper. He bagged several awards in recognition of his albums.  He premiered in several movies and TV series. He also came up with an exciting reality show on MTV and other Television stations.

As a fashion designer, Sean Combs made history by creating his own fashion line in 1988. He also established 2 huge eateries in Atlanta and New York.  He raked in millions of dollars from all his exploits. He also had a group known as “Diddy – Dirty Money”.  He later brought all his business enterprises under an outfit referred to as “Bad Boy Entertainment Worldwide”.

When it comes to male-female relationship, Sean Combs has an ugly story to tell. Like Rory Mcılroy, he is still single but he has actually dated several ladies. He currently has up to 5 kids from several failed relatiohsips.Sean Combs Photos

Meanwhile,  P. Diddy just like Michael Vick has several houses and properties. One of his new houses worth $40 million.  He also has the fleet of cars. He rides white colored RR Car among others. All of these assets contribute to Sean Combs net worth.