Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery

Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery Before And After
Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery – Made Her Looks Even More Appealing

When you are a Hollywood star, all eyes are pointed at you. People discuss your clothes, hair, family, weight and everything they notice about you. It is a great pressure not being able to go in the local store without someone taking picture of you and posting it on some social network. When we combine that with great pressure Hollywood creates for it´s stars to look young and perfect at any circumstances, no wonder one of the most cost-effective jobs there is a plastic surgeon. It looks like a bigger star you are, the more plastic surgery rumors appear. So, if you check the internet for this topic, you will probably find some Sandra Bullock plastic surgery rumors.

Sandra Bullock Pictures She was born in Arlington in Virginia on July 26th, 1964. Her father was an army officer who met his wife while stationed in Nuremberg in Germany. Sandra´s mother was an opera singer. She was raised in USA and Germany and speaks german fluently. After high school, she studied and received the degree in drama in 1986. she played smaller roles in movies, television and stage until 1993, when a breakthrough happened with Speed where she played with Keanu Reeves. Since then, she is constant in a Hollywood A league. She is best in comic roles, but she won Oscar for the role of Leigh Anne Tuohey in a biographical movie The Blind Side in 2010. Almost in her 50s, Sandra Bullock looks great and young, even too young for her age, which raised the red flag for rumors about her possible plastic surgery.

Sandra Bullock Photos Let´s start from the beginning. There have been rumors for quite a while that she did a nose job, or a rhinoplastic as experts call it. Before she had a nose with a big tip and wide bridge, while newer photos show narrower nose with the smaller tip.  Those changes are not extreme, so she still looks like herself, but improved. When we put all together, we can say Sandra Bullock nose job was a very good job indeed.

In her age, some wrinkles, laughing lines and so-called crow´s feet are usual, but she shows very little signs of them. Suspicios part is that she used to have them so we can be almost 100% sure she had facelift or Botox. Or maybe both, since those two procedures are often performed together. First you remove sagged skin that is also usual when you reach some age, tighten up the rest, and then you fill critical zones with some filler or Botox to smooth the skin and remove all kinds of wrinkles.

Sandra Bullock Photos There is no such thing as harmless operation, and that includes plastic surgery as well. When you decide to go under the knife, many dangers lurk. Besides dangers that can happen on any operation, plastic surgery is specific because, in an attempt to look better, you may end look quite opposite. Your doctor may misunderstand you, or he can make a mess, and the result will be latest internet joke. It is not pleasant when someone makes jokes of your body or face. You can get an allergic reaction to fillers and other implants that will ruin your looks, but also your health. If your doctor is not familiar with Botox and similar products, you may end with a frozen expression on your face, which is not the best solution for actors.

When we put it all together, there is probably no need to ask has Sandra Bullock had plastic surgery. There is plenty of pictures showing she did. She still looks youthful, fresh and natural, which means her surgeon did a good job. We can only hope it will not become a habit of hers because every new operation brings new risks.

Sandra Bullock MeasurementsIf you do not believe me, just check Michael Jackson photos. Some people compared Sandra´s nose after operation with him, so see for yourself where it can end.

What is your opinion? Is Sandra´s plastic surgery a good choice or not? Did it improve her looks or aggravate it? and most important, should she continue with it or stop now and here?