Samuel Jackson Net Worth

Samuel Jackson Net Worth
How much is
Samuel Jackson worth:

  • Full Name: Samuel Leroy Jackson
  • Net Worth: $150 Million
  • Occupation: Actor, film producer
  • Marital Status: Married to LaTanya Richardson
  • Ethnicity: African American

Samuel Jackson Net Worth – How Much Is Samuel Jackson Worth?    

Samuel Jackson net worth is estimated to be $150 million. Most of his wealth is from his earnings as an actor. He has also produced a couple of films. He owes his career to Morgan Freeman and Spike Lee, who assisted him to give it a firm foundation. From the encounter with these two successful actors, Samuel Jackson continued appearing in several blockbusters. This is what has made his net worth to get this high.  To understand how Samuel’s net worth is this high, it is best you look at his life.

Samuel Jackson Career Life

Samuel was brought up in Tennessee by his mother singlehandedly. Samuel Jackson mother was a factory worker. As he remembers, the parents had gone separate ways, when he was still a child. The father went to settle in Kansas City.  He had met his father a number of times, before he gave in to alcohol addiction.  As a kid, he did not want to become an actor but was more focused on music. He was a great player of the French horn in school but still he did not see himself as a musician in the future either.

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Samuel Jackson had some interest in science. His ambition took him to Georgia to pursue marine biology.  While still in college, he thought of attending an acting class, so that he would get extra credits. This was when he unlocked his talent in acting. He immediately, changed focus from Marine Biology. Considering his present net worth, one may be justified to say that this was an intelligent move.

While in college, he was engaged in activism. However, this did not take long, since he stopped his involvement after Martin Luther King, died in 1968.   At one instance, Sam and his college mates, took hostage of the board and vowed never to release them until they changed the policy of the institution. The plan worked but he was expelled thereafter. He would later get back to college to study drama.  In 1970s, he appeared in his first films such as Together For Days and A Solder’s Play. After these two films, he became a stage actor and to date he has appeared in a series of plays, which include The Piano Lesson, Two Trains Running and Coming to America.

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He then got into cocaine and alcohol addiction, which almost ruined his career. But, all thanks to Morgan Freeman, he overcame the addiction and was back on his feet. His net worth started to grow big and in 2000, he bagged 10 million dollars in Shaft.

About his personal life, LaTanya Richardson is Samuel Jackson wife. They have a daughter together. As a couple, they have donated to a number of charity works.

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