Salma Hayek Net Worth

Salma Hayek Net Worth
How much is Salma Hayek worth:

  • Full Name: Salma Hayek Pinault
  • Net Worth: $85 Million
  • Occupation: Actress, film producer
  • Marital Status: Married to Francois Henri-Pinault
  • Ethnicity: White

Salma Hayek Net Worth – Learn How Much Salma Hayek Is

Salma Hayek net worth is said to be $85 million. She is mostly known as an actress. During her career life, she has graced our screens, with explicit performance and outstanding beauty.  She has acted in Mexican-based television shows and films, both of which have made her net worth to reach tens of millions.  While she entered the industry when she was 23, ever since, she has made herself quite a package. Let’s take a closer look at her life in the entertainment industry to get an insight on her exact net worth.

Salma Hayek Career And Successes

Salma Hayek was born in Mexico in 1966 and she spent most of her childhood there. She later went to Los Angeles, where she intended to nurture her career in acting. Here she started taking some professional courses for acting, under the mentorship of Stella Adler. Even with her unmovable ambition to become a successful actress some day, Salma had some limitations. She was dyslexic, which made her not to speak English audibly. However, this did not bar her from becoming one of the most successful actresses Hollywood has ever had.

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Her first leading role came in 1995. This was when she was recruited to appear in the movie “Desperado”. In the film, she acted together with other Hollywood giants such as Antonio Banderas. At the time, she also got an opportunity to appear in “Zorro” but she could not, since was loyal to her then, director. All the same, she got another leading role in “Fools Rush In”, where she acted alongside Mathew Perry. In addition, she got other minor roles in “Dogma” and “Wild Wild West” among others.

It seems that her roles in the movies were paying great since in 2000, Salma established “Venatarosa”, which is a film production company. Later she became the CEO of the company, a position that also augments her net worth.

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Outside acting, Salma Hayek can also sing. Her tracks have been used in several movies. She has also played the role of a guest star in a number of television shows among them “30 Rock”. Besides, she has signed a number of successful deals such as the 2004 endorsement deal with Avon Cosmetics and another one with Lincoln cars.

About her personal life, Salma Hayek husband is Francois Henri-Pinault, with a net worth of $17 billion. It is a couple of times, that of Salma. The couple has a daughter.

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Now you have an idea, why Salma Hayek net worth stands at tens of millions today.