Sally Field Plastic Surgery

Sally Field Plastic Surgery Before And After
Sally Field Plastic Surgery – Was Final Attempt To Look Younger

Most valued Hollywood features are probably good looks and youth. Looking into average actor or actress, it seems they are all gorgeous, with perfect bodies and faces, and usually looking much younger than their birth certificate says. to reach and maintain that level, they use different methods. Regular diet, various exercise and cosmetic treatments are necessary if you want to succeed in this world. And when it all starts to fail, there is one more solution: plastic surgery. Sally Field is no exception to this rule. For years, some rumors about Sally Field plastic surgery became common. So, the question of all questions is: did she do it?

Sally Field Pictures Sally Field was born in 1946. in Pasadena, California. Her father was an army officer, and her mother was an actress. She started acting as a teenager. Two Oscars, three Emmys, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guilt Award, are placed on her shelves. Besides acting, she is a singer, producer, screenwriter and director. With almost fifty years long career, Sally Field is one of Hollywood icons. Still, she is not immune to all the requirements Hollywood places in front of it´s stars.

As a person deep in her golden years, Sally Field should show some signs of aging, such as wrinkles, crow´s feet around the eyes, laughing lines or sagged skin. There are some signs of these, but not enough for her age. Good example is her neck. There is no way you can prevent your skin from sagging in certain age. Only way to do it is plastic surgery known as neck lift. This operation removes unnecessary skin and tights the rest, so final result is a youthful look, just like Sally has.

Sally Field Photos Similar procedure probably happened on her face in an attempt to remove extra skin. Facelift is very common procedure that removes extra skin and tightens up the rest. It is usually accompanied with some filling procedure as Botox or other fillers that removes wrinkles and result in refreshed and more youthful looks. Her skin looks smooth and healthy, which can be the result of regular laser treatment.

Some experts are convinced she did eyelid’s surgery as well. She has no eye bags that are most common among people of her age. Besides, her eyes look fresher and more open than before, which are pretty good signs she was under the knife for this as well.

Faced with these facts, Sally admitted she had some surgery, but never specified which one. She claims it was a result of long thinking and thoughtful decision in an attempt to keep her beautiful looks and appearance. Everyone has right to decide what to do with the body or face, and no doubt this decision was well performed by an experienced surgeon.

Sally Field Photos It is a fact Sally Field does not look like a window mannequin, or like she is 30, and not 69. She does look younger than her age, but her looks is natural, and her mimic is untouched. Considering all this, we can say Sally field plastic surgeon did a great job, and her appearance could be a role model to all  celebrities desperately looking for a way to improve and rejuvenate themselves.

We can only hope Sally will not overdrive it and join the group of those celebrities whose looks is suitable only for a role in some horror movie. We have seen examples of that, and those were not pleasant ones. Thankfully, Sally field does not belong among them.

For example, check before and after photos of Suzanne Sumers. She was a natural beauty, and today she looks like Joan River´s clone with too tight skin, too big lips and too small nose.

Sally Field MeasurementsSo, what is your opinion? Was Sally Field plastic surgery a good job or a total flop, or maybe something in between? We all know her natural look is not that natural, so can we call it cheating the audience? Or, can we say that it is her life and her body, so she can do whatever she wants with it?