Rush Limbaugh Net Worth

Rush Limbaugh Net Worth
How much is
Rush Limbaugh worth :

  • Full Name: Rush Limbaugh
  • Net Worth: $350 Million
  • Occupation: Radio Talk Show Host, Author, Commentator.
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: American

Rush Limbaugh Net Worth – How Rich Is The Famous Radio Personality

The renowned American Radio Talk Show host, Rush Limbaugh is well known for his exploits in the media industry. He has been able to carve a niche for himself in the world of famous celebrities. According to latest reports, Rush Limbaugh net worth is estimated to be up to $350 million. What a staggering amount! How did he get to the top?

Rush Limbaugh Source Of Wealth

Rush Limbaugh made cool cash as a Radio talk show host. He is well known for his excellent talks across the American continents.  He is also a political commentator and a famous author.  His books are selling like hot cakes across the US and beyond.  All of these make up the bulk of his current net worth.

Life Story And Career Build Up

Rush Limbaugh PicturesBorn in 1951, Rush Limbaugh grew up as the son of a veteran war lord, Rush Hudson Limbaugh.  The Limbaugh family had a history of producing famous lawyers. However, Rush Limbaugh decided to follow another line of profession. He made a decision to pursue his dream even while in the high school.

He later proceeded to Southeast Missouri State University to please his parents. After his first year in the university, he decided to drop out to pursue his dream of becoming a radio talk show host.

In 1967, Rush Limbaugh started hosting talk shows through radio stations. He got a DJ job in a radio station located in Pennsylvania. The job was cut short as he was fired after few months.  He did not give up.  Rather, he launched into baseball sports and became a member of Kansas baseball team.Rush Limbaugh Photos

In 1984, Rush came back to radio talk business with great passion. He later got a proposal to host his personal radio talk show in New York. This marked the beginning of glorious days in his career.  Rush started making a great impact through radio talk shows. His audience continued to grow in leaps and bounds. Many people started appreciating his talk shows. Before too long, the young chap became very famous and made millions of dollars from his career as a radio talk show host. He served a political commentator and earns lots of cash from the deals. He later became a popular voice in the A.M radio talk show which focuses on the US politics.

Rush Limbaugh Assets And Relationship

Rush Limbaugh PhotosRush Limbaugh amassed wealth as a radio talk show and political commentator. His annual salary reaches up to $70 million. He also gets bonuses, compensations, and special monetary rewards for his talk show exploits.

Just like Roger Goodell, Roger Federer, Rush Limbaugh had several properties worth millions of dollars. He has a multi-million dollar ocean front home in West Palm Beach. He also has fleets of cars to his credit.

Furthermore, the famous radio talk show host had a great time meeting a beautiful lady. Rush Limbaugh girlfriend; Marta Fitzgerald showed up along the line. They became friends for some years and ended up getting married in the course of time.

Indeed, Rush Limbaugh net worth has continued to be on the increase. The famous radio talk show host is still waxing stronger by the day.