Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery

Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery Before And After
Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery – Is A New Hot Hollywood Rumor

Who is Rumer Willis?

Rumer Willis was born on August 16, 1988, as the oldest daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis. She is also an American actress, exactly as her famous parents. She made her film debut in 1995, alongside her mother, in the film “Now and Then”. One year later, she appeared in the film “Striptease”. Later on, she also worked with her father, in the films “The Whole Nine Yards” (2000) and “Hostage” (2005). In 2008, she had a role in “Ocean Pacific” and she also played in the comedy “The House Bunny”, the same year, and the horror film “From Within”.

Rumer Willis Pictures

She also appeared in other films and television productions, which include “Wild Cherry”, “Army Wives”, “Medium”, “Hawaii Five-0”, “Miss Guided”, “CSI: NY”, “Workaholics” and “90210”. She would also play in the fourth season of “Pretty Little Liars”. As it was expected, Rumer Willis plastic surgery rumor has begun to spread among fans, due to the obvious differences in her appearance that she displayed over the time. These differences are mainly visible in before and after pictures, which people use to compare her appearance and to observe the possible plastic surgery procedures that she might have undergone.

About Her Changes

In the last couple of years, there were obvious signs that showed that Rumer Willis has had plenty of plastic surgery procedures in order to enhance her appearance. One of the things that people criticize in her appearance is the large number of procedures she has done at such early age. Most of her changes are visible by taking a simple look through Rumer Willis plastic surgery before and after pictures. Here you can see a list of procedures that are speculated to Rumer Willis to have gone through:

Rumer Willis Photos All these speculations are the result of visible differences that people observed in pictures of her before and after. Her chin used to be long and extended, but now it seems to have undergone a major reduction procedure, which made the chin a more feminine one. This also changed the overall facial appearance of Rumer, which now looks more feminine than ever before.

Her lips also look different than they used to, as they now have the characteristic aspect of the trout pout look, which is usually achieved by injecting lip fillers in the top lip. Therefore, it is also believed that this is one of the procedures that Rumer Willis has undergone.

The final acquisition, to say so, of Rumer Willis is the breast implants. However, this procedure seems to be a successful one, as her breasts look quite natural.


Rumer Willis Photos While some people claim that her changes are obvious and can only be the result of specific plastic surgery procedures, there are also people who believe that her changes in appearance – especially the facial changes – could also be the result of changing due to growing up. What do you think? Also, in what regards her breasts, there were also people claiming that they keep to increase and decrease in size, which would only mean that she is wearing push-up bras sometimes, and she didn’t have any plastic surgery to enhance her appearance. So, what is your opinion about this?

Celebrities And Their Plastic Surgery

Rumer Willis Photos The plastic surgery in case of Rumer Willis is only a rumor, as long as it was not confirmed by the celebrity. Her case is not the only rumor that started by comparing pictures of her in the past and in the present, as this is probably the most common method that creates such rumors about celebrities. Usually, people look through pictures of celebrities before and after plastic surgery in order to observe possible differences in their appearance and to try to guess which the possible plastic surgery procedures are that a celebrity has undergone. However, in Rumer Willis’s case, the rumor of plastic surgery does not come by surprise, taking into consideration that her mother was also rumored to have undergone such procedures – Demi Moore plastic surgery is one of the most popular rumors, as well. There are also other young celebrities who alike Rumer Willis, have gone under the knife, despite the fact they are still young. Such cases include Megan Fox plastic surgery, Kim Kardashian plastic surgery and Ashlee Simpson plastic surgery. What do you think of success of Rumer Willis plastic surgery? Please share!

Rumer Willis Measurements

Rumer Willis Measurements :

Many people were wondering about Rumer Willis’s measurements. For those interested, here they are:

  • Measurements : 86 – 61 – 89 cm
  • Bra size : 34B
  • Height : 168 cm
  • Weight : 54 kg
  • Shoe size : 7
  • Hair color : Dark Brown
  • Eye color : Green