Rose McGowan Plastic Surgery

Rose McGowan Plastic Surgery Before And After
Rose McGowan Plastic Surgery – Changed Her Face Completely

Rose McGowan is popular actress and a singer. She first became famous for her rome in TV show Charmed, and later for blockbuster movies such as Machete, Planet terror, etc. When rumors about Rose McGowan plastic surgery accident started, she was quick to respond that she indeed have plastic surgeries, but to remove the consequences of a terrible car accident she was involved in few years ago. In the car accident, glass fragments severely have cut her face, so she had to have plastic surgery to look good again and to erase the scars. But there are lot of comments that plastic surgeries have been done with other goal as well: to make her look younger than her 41 years of age.

Is Car Accident Really The Only Reason For Rose McGowan Plastic Surgery?

Rose McGowan Pictures In one moment few years ago, it became evident that Rose’s look has drastically changed.

Publicist for the actress responded very clearly: Rose McGowan plastic surgery accident related was to remove the consequences of this incident, and nothing else. Actress herself always stated that she wouldn’t have had surgeries if there was any other way to remove the scars caused by accident. But we wonder how did scar removal change her appearance negatively and so drastically? Yes, there are no scars on her face, but it seems like the skin on her face is stretched out. She doesn’t have natural facial mimic anymore.

We really believe that Rose McGowan plastic surgery is one of the worst cosmetic mistakes in the Hollywood. Her look has changed, and not for the better. She has lost her natural beauty, her naturally charming and a bit exotic look-and now looks very plastic and unnatural. We are sure that she didn’t want to achieve this and that she just wanted to look pretty again. However, in her case choice of plastic surgeon to improve her look- wasn’t the good one, because she simply looks different.

What Plastic Surgeries Did Rose McGowan Have?

Many people wonder not did Rose McGowan have plastic surgery, but what plastic surgeries she had to change her look so drastically. Rose McGowan face probably undergo majority of the interventions, because this is where the change is most obvious. We believe that she has had following interventions that caused her altered look:

Rose McGowan Photos When you look at Rose McGowan plastic surgery before and after photos, you will probably notice marks of all these interventions. She looks different than before all this mess started, and way different than 20 years ago, when she has just started to become famous in Hollywood. We have named boob job first because this is one of the first things you simply most notice when you compare her past photos and recent ones. She has enlarged her boobs for at least 2 cup sizes, and this is really a huge difference. When it comes to her face, we can agree with the statement that Rose McGowan car accident was the primary reason for facial interventions. But there is much more to it. Because not only did she remove marks of scars that ruined her face, she has also changed her complete facial appearance: her cheekbones appear to be more prominent, her pout is significantly enlarged, her nose appears to be differently shaped. Rose looks very differently, very unnaturally and plastic, and this has definitely changed her appearance for worse. Not something you get as a result in Hollywood.!

Rose McGowan plastic surgery is just one of sad examples of surgery that altered facial expression drastically, and with a very bad result. Because when you change the look that brought you success, producers simply don’t want to work with you anymore. Another example of same outcome is the case of Jennifer Grey, plastic surgery. She looks very different then when she became famous in Dirty Dancing-and she just wanted to change her nose that was imperfect, according to the actress herself. After the surgery, nobody wants to work with her, because with the “new nose” she looks completely different.

Rose McGowan MeasurementsWhat is your opinion about Rose McGowan plastic surgeries? Were they successful or not? Please feel free to share.

Rose McGowan Body Statistics :

  • Measurements : 80-60-77 cm
  • Bra Size : 34B
  • Height : 163 cm
  • Weight : 43 kg
  • Shoe Size : 6
  • Dress Size : 2
  • Hair Color : Black
  • Eye Color : Brown