Rory Mcilroy Net Worth

Rory McIlroy Net Worth
How much is
Rory Rory Mcilroy worth :

  • Full Name: Rory Mcilroy
  • Net Worth: $50 Million
  • Occupation: Golfer
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Ethnicity: United Kingdom (North Ireland)

Rory Mcilroy Net Worth – How The Golf Game Made The Player Rich

Rory Mcilroy photos (image hosted by )All over the world, the Golf game is lightly valued. Very few people get interested in it. Nevertheless, some Golf players are busy making their millions through the game. This is indeed the story with the young golfer, Rory McIlroy. As at the moment of filing this report, Rory Mcilroy net worth is estimated to be up to $50million.

Rory Mcilroy’s Source Of Wealth

Rory McIlroy became wealthy simply by playing golf at the professional level. He did not arrive there overnight. İt takes quite a long period to become a professional golfer. One has to pass through years of serious training and golf courses. That is the case with the man of the moment.  He has carved a niche for himself as one of the richest golfers in the whole of  United Kingdom. The golf game is virtually his major source of income. İt forms the bulk of his net worth as a sportsman.

Life Story And Golf Career Development

The story about Rory Mcilroy net worth begins when the young chap was still a teenager. The Northern Ireland-born golfer became a professional golfer at the age of 17.  Actually, Rory’s father was a golf coach. He was able to train his son at the earlier stage.  İn one of his appearances in the golf game, the young Rory hit a 40-yard drive while he was still very tender. Rory virtually accompanied his father to major golf courses all through his early days.

Rory Mcilroy net worth ( image hosted by the years roll by, Rory’s parents decided to support their son to continue with the golf career. The father took more time to coach his son almost on the daily basis. His effort paid off. Rory ended up becoming a professional golf player in his late teenage years.

Rory Mcilroy ( image hosted by Mcilroy Achievemens In Golf

Having turned a pro in the golf game, Rory McIlroy started going for professional golf courses. He played very well in each of his appearances. He even won the Golf World Championship meant for his age group.

Rory became part of the famous Holywood Golf Club. He used the club as his home course for the golf game. He made history by becoming the youngest in the club. He came under the tutelage of another golf coach by name Michael Bannon.

As time went on, Rory McIlroystarted winning great laurels in the golf game. He won the European tour and PGA tour when he was 22.  This marked the beginning of the inflow of cool cash into Rory’s life.  He earned over 10 million euros as a young golf player.

So far, Rory Mcilroy net worth has continued to  increase. The young chap has been able to make millions of dollars within a short period of time through the golf game.  He has been able to buy houses  just like Kevin Costner, Matthew Mcconaughey and other top celebrities.Rory Mcilroy Photos

The news has it that Rory Mcilroy house in Castlereagh, Northern Ireland worth millions of pounds.  He recently bought a property in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida worth $10 million. the young professional golfer cruises around in his Cadillac car. His networth has continued to increase by the day. The future still holds more in stock for the great professional golfer.  As at the moment, Rory is still single. He’s so much focused on taking his golf game to greater heights before thinking about settling down with any lady.