Roger Goodell Net Worth

Roger Goodell Net Worth
How much is
Roger Goodell worth :

  • Full Name: Roger Goodell
  • Net Worth: $75 Million
  • Occupation: Football (Nfl) Commissioner
  • Marital Status: Married (Jane Skinner)
  • Ethnicity: American

Roger Goodell Net Worth – The Richness Of A Renowned NFL Commissioner

Ever since the inception of the National Football League; several well-known personalities have continued to man the affairs till date; Roger Goodell remains one of the most prominent commissioners of the league that has made history. Today, Roger Goodell net worth is estimated to reach $75 million. The great NFL boss has an interesting story to tell concerning his exploits. His impact has always been felt by players and other officials in the league.

Roger Goodell’s Source Of Wealth

Roger Goodell PicturesSimply put, the game of football is Roger Goodell’s major source of wealth. The round leather game accounts for the bulk of Roger Goodell net worth in every sense. He started as an administrative intern at the National Football League in 1982. Later on in 1984, he became an assistant for the PRO department. Few years after, he became an assistant to the president of the American Football Conference.

In 2001, Roger emerged the Executive Vice-president of the NFL. He was also the Chief Operating Officer. Later on in 2006, he emerged the NFL commissioner. The much-coveted position earned him lots of respect. He has continued to make lots of cash as the NFL boss till date.

Aside from being the NFL Boss, Roger Goodell had been a great footballer, basketball player, and baseball player. He earned great laurels in each of the sports profession. He made millions of cash all through his days as a sportsman.

Early Life And Career Development

Roger Goodell PhotosBorn in 1959 in Jamestown, Roger Goodell started very early in life to show signs of greatness. He had a great time in his high school and university education days. His interest in sports knew no bounds when he started playing for his school. Later on, he played in the NFL and other famous leagues. He recorded great feat as a player before venturing into the management position at the NFL.

Roger started an administrative intern at the NFL and rose through the ranks to become the commissioner. His salary alone is estimated to be up to $30 million. This increases his net worth tremendously.   He still serves as the current commissioner of NFL.

Aside from his salary, Roger makes money through several NFL endorsements and deals. He earns bonuses aside from other monetary accruements. He has continued to soar high as the NFL boss despite controversies surrounding his reputation.

Roger Goodell Marital Relationship And Assets

Just like Richard Bradson and Roger Federer, the renowned NFL commission has a unique story to relay concerning his marital relationship. Somewhere along the line, Roger Goodell’s girlfriend, Jane Skinner showed up. She became the center of attraction for him. She was a former Fox News Channel anchor.  Roger Goodell was so much in love with her. They ended up getting married. The marriage is blessed with 2 daughters.Roger Goodell Photos

Roger Goodell house in Bronxville New York is one of his multi-million dollar assets.  He still owns other houses and properties across the major cities of the US. He owns a fleet of top brand cars. These and more have continued to increase his net worth.