The Rock Net Worth

The Rock Net Worth

How much is The Rock net worth:

  • Full Name: Dwayne Douglas Johnson
  • Net Worth: $125 Million
  • Date Of Birth: May 2, 1972
  • Occupation: Wrestler, Actor, athlete
  • Marital Status: Married (Dany Garcia)
  • Children: 1
  • Nationality: United States
  • Ethnicity: Black Nova Scotian, Samoan

The Rock Net Worth – Is The Estimation Of His Assets

The Early Life Of The Rock

The Rock PicturesDwayne Johnson, a professional wrestler, was born on May 2, 1972. He is not only a wonderful wrestler but also a very fine actor and an amazing producer. He used to be a good athlete and played for The University of Miami but he received an injury and after that he could not be an athlete in future. Rocky, the father of Dwayne and his grandfather were also professional wrestler. He used to watch his father in the ring for wrestling for a long time but till then he had no plans to join his father’s profession. But the injury turned him towards rings. Apart of his profession he proved himself a talented actor. Johnson married her high school friend Danny Garcia in 1997. They have a daughter, Simone Alexandra, out of this wedlock. The marriage lasted for a decade and then they were separated. The Rock is on the 2nd number in the list of highest paid wrestlers. Dwayne The Rock Johnson net worth has also a share for the poor and needy. He established a foundation in 2006 with the name ‘The Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation’.

The Rock stands at 25th position on Forbes 100 richest celebrities list where as Johnny Depp is at 7th position with$400 million and Shia Labeouf earns $50 million.

Famous Tattoos And Girlfriend Of Dwayne

The Rock Photos The real sweet heart of Dwayne was the girl studying with him in his high school. Danny and Dwayne married in 1997 and they had a daughter. They remained happy for a long time but unfortunately divorced after a decade in 2007.

The rock tattoos are very famous among his fans. His every tattoo has a deep meaning. He used to take long sessions with the tattoo artist to make him understand what he actually wants. He had three sittings of twenty hours each with the artist to let the job done in the most satisfactory way. Basically the tattoos represent his family and his warrior spirit.

The Rock PhotosThe first tattoo is the face of bull which he called Brahma Bull; it is his star sign too. He is very much associated with his family. It is obvious from one of his tattoo created on the shoulder and heart. It used to show three people himself, his wife and his daughter. A tattoo of sun has also been carved on his neck which he believes a sign of good fortune. Another symbolic picture is on the upper arm that is of broken face due to shark attack that shows his strength as well as struggle. Another interesting tattoo is on his other arm: two eyes that symbolize that he is always being watched by his forefathers.

Should Dwayne create more symbolized tattoo on his body?

The Most Appreciated Work Of Dwayne Johnson On The Screen

The Rock PhotosThe Rock well known as Dwayne Johnson in the Hollywood industry is also a promising actor. He is loved by his fans due to his very natural and own style. His character in the movie ‘The Mummy Returns’ is a memorable one that made a permanent image in the hearts of people. His famous films are:

  • The Mummy Returns
  • The Rundown
  • Fast &Furious
  • Scorpion King
  • Fast Five
  • The Drive

Are you also the fan of wonderful skills of Dwayne’s acting?

The Rock Body Statistics:

  • The Rock Body Statistics MeasurementsHeight: 6 ft 5 in or 1.96 m
  • Weight: 260 lbs (118 kg)
  • Ethnicity: Multiracial
  • Hair color: Dark brown
  • Eye color: Dark brown
  • Chest: 50 in
  • Waist: 35 in
  • Arms: 20 in
  • Legs: 31 in
  • Shoe size: 14