Robyn Lawley Measurements

Robyn Lawley Measurements
Robyn Lawley Measurements – The Australian Lady Shows How Beauty Should Be

As an Australian model, Robyn Lawley is 24 years old girl with the unique figure unlike any other fellows. Her GQ appearance has made a surprise with her body size and shape. She is nowhere near skinny and that is why she is remarkable. She has worked with some of the best photographers in the world namely Raphael Mazzucco and Steven Meisel. Appearing in some of the high end magazines like Cosmopolitan and Vogue, Robyn makes a great inspiration for any other women outside the modeling world.

The New South Wales born girl has been the talk since her first appearance as a plus size model. Robyn Lawley measurements have gone through rejections before a magazine snapped her look and portray her as the real woman should be. The world is camouflaged with those skinny and silicone. She is unlike both of them, she steps up as the plus size model wearing the bikini set and she looks stunning.

She is confident in showing the world how ‘normal’ figure should be like.

Robyn Lawley And Her Career As A Model

Robyn Lawley Pictures Robyn Lawley weight has been discussed in many ways. Her fit body is by far, not a size 2. But she is content with it. She stated that many agency rejected her because she is ‘too heavy’ for a model. She is only trying to be herself but she could not resist of taking the diet habit to the next harmful level that only gave her pressure. Many times she tries to tone down a bit but it keeps her depressed.

That is why she decides to keep her body balance but without that restriction. She once lived in France and she could not help herself but to taste the delightful cuisine in France. The French food along with the specialties never fails to amaze her appetite. She is happy with her life as she never restricts herself to a point where she has to suffer.

Robyn Lawley And Her Right Curves

It is hard to be the plus size woman. She stated that clearly but now, she is one of the most successful plus size model with that curves. Her figure somehow eliminates stereotypes that say you can’t be fat to be on the cover of a magazine.

She is everything you see in a real woman surrounds you. The curves and the flaws say it all.

Robyn Lawley weight may not be the ideal weight of a model but as you discover her hard work and effort you will soon realize that it is not everything.

She is compared to several women like Anna Kendrick and Adriana Lima. Lingerie models are never at the same weight as Robyn but surely she knows where she stands.

Robyn Lawley And Her Achievements

Robyn Lawley Photos She has apparently lots of achievements on her side. the talented gorgeous lady has her world in her hand when she received incredible recognitions for her role in modelling.

The sexy model has won many of these awards including

  • Australian Cosmopolitan fun
  • Rising start award, year 2011.
  • Fearless female

Robyn Lawley And Her Activities

Robyn Lawley Photos Robyn has an interesting life outside modeling. She is a busy woman with tons of activities. Her successful career lets her travel around the globe to promote beauty and also brands. The tough woman is completely in love with photography. Her rare hobby other than that is to cook. She finds herself fascinated by delicious cuisines that she often learns to make them. Of course, with her passion for food, she could not think about having a diet habit because it seems that every day is cheat day for her. She also cares for her body so she has skin treatment but not to make her look skinny.

What do you think about Robyn Lawley’s body?

Robyn Lawley Body Statistics :

Robyn Lawley Measurements.Measurements : 102 – 81 – 107

Bra size : 36D

Height : 188 cm

Weight : 82 kg

Shoe size : unknown

Hair color : Brown

Eye color : Blue/Green