Robin Thicke Net Worth

Robin Thicke Net Worth
How much is Robin Thicke worth:

  • Full Name: Robin Charles Thicke better known as Robin Thicke
  • Net worth: $15 Million
  • Occupation: Singer-song writer, musician, actor, record producer
  • Marital Status: Divorcé
  • Ethnicity: American

Robin Thicke Net Worth – From A Singer To A Renowned Actor

Robin Thicke Net Worth Hiked Up After Getting Into The Music Industry

Robin Charles Thicke, who is popularly known as Robin Thicke, is an American songwriter and a well-known singer. With numerous chartbuster and musical hits, Robin Thicke net worth lies in Million which is truly commendable. A big portion of his annual income comes from his musical career. Thicke initiated his career as a teenage artist, but his father wants him to pay more towards his studies and pursue his music career after completing the studies. He recorded his first demo tape during his teenage with the help of his uncle and after that another demo tape of four songs at a professional level. This demo tape was of great significance in giving a kick-start to the musical career of Robin Thicke. The R&B artist Brain Mc Knight was quite impressed by Thicke and he provided Thicke his first break in the music industry. Soon with the help of his mentor Knight, Thicke managed to establish himself as a professional songwriter and record producer.

Robin Thicke Net Worth And His Popular Works

Thicke is acknowledged in the industry for his work. Now, he has established himself as a successful musician, songwriter, and producer. “A Beautiful World” was amongst the most popular hits of this music star. Earlier this album was named as “Cherry Blue Skies. This music album contains the songs of the soul genre, which is the ultimate music style of this great artist. In the year 2002, Thicke released “When I Get You Alone” which was also his first debut single. This album achieved huge success in Austria, Italy, and Belgium and made Robin Thicke, an international music icon. The tunes of his songs were also featured in the soundtracks of “Agent Cody Banks”. The music lovers all across the globe praised the Robin Thicke Album“ Blurred Lines”. This massive international hit added some more million in the total net worth of this super star.

Robin Thicke Net Worth And His Personal Life

Thicke was born on March 10, 1977 in Los Angeles of California. His mother is Gloria Loring and father Alan Thicke is a famous actor. Robin was interested in music at a very early age. With the help of his uncle, he recorded his first demo tape, which served as a stepping-stone of his musical career. He met Paula Patton at the age of 14. He started dating Paula since he was sixteen-year-old and in 2005, both of them decided to get married. This couple was blessed with a son named Julian Fuego Thicke in 2010. But after 9 years of marriage, Paula Patton filed a divorce against her husband, which was finalized on March 20, 2015. Now, Thicke is a divorce just like Phil Jackson and Ramona Singer.

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Robin Thicke Net Worth Affected By Divorce? Check This Out

It was reported that the combined net worth of Robin Thicke and Paula Patton, when they were together, was $18 million. However, the current net worth of Riche is still unaffected even after being separated from Paula. Thicke’s net worth is $15 million which is much high in comparison to Paula Patton’s $3 million. The couple claimed that their separation is harmonious and none of them had hired the divorce attorney. Patton has not applied for getting any kind of spousal support from her ex-husband. Therefore, they are not interesting in any kind of court battle over the net worth and assets.