Rob Lowe Plastic Surgery

Rob Lowe Plastic Surgery Before And After
Rob Lowe Plastic Surgery – He Got What He Bargained For

Very few male celebrities are known for getting involved in plastic surgery. In most cases, female celebrities outnumber their male counterparts. This is because, most male celebrities don’t care much about their physical appearance. Only very few of them do. Rob Lowe is indeed one of the very few. Currently, Rob Lowe plastic surgery case is hitting the stands of celebrity gossipers. He’s said to have gone through series of plastic surgery just to change his facial appearance.

The Kinds Of Plastic Surgery He Had

Just like Poppy Montgomery and Robin McGraw, Rob Lowe has his own side of the story concerning plastic surgery. He’s alleged to have gone through Botox injection.  This he did to upgrade his facial appearance. The process cleared wrinkles off his forehead.

Rob also had a facelift which actually improved his facial outlook. He’s currently having a tight and enhanced face.  This is very evident from his current photos.

Rob Lowe Pictures

Furthermore, Rob is alleged to have gone through Chin implant. This he did to make his chin tighter and sharper than before. Again, there are rumors showing that Rob also had an eyelift. This is very evident from the way his eyelids are showing these days.

Why Did He Go Through Plastic Surgery?

Most celebrities don’t just go for plastic surgery in isolation. They often have their reasons for taking such steps. For Rob Lowe, his case might be related to his age. Currently, he’s clocking 50. Aging signs have started to showcase. Being a public and popular figure, Rob doesn’t want to be seen as an old man. He still desires to look like a teenage boy. This must have been his reason for going through the alleged series of plastic surgery.

Rob Lowe Photos

Did He Succeed With The Plastic Surgery?

Rob Lowe Photos From every indication, experts believe the series of plastic surgery Rob underwent were all successful.  For instance, Rob Lowe’s facelift and Botox injection actually enhanced his face.  He looks younger and sharper than before. The chin implants and eyelift also add more to his current outlook. His entire face is glowing like that of a teenage boy. There are no more wrinkles on his forehead. He’s simply looking more beautiful by the day.

So far, there are no records regarding Rob Lowe’s stand on the plastic surgery issue. It’s like the famous celebrity is so much focused on advancing his career. He has not denied going through a plastic surgery. However, he’s yet to make any public statement with regard to that. Hence, the issue of Rob Lowe plastic surgery still remains at the level of rumor and gossip. We keep our fingers crossed until the day Rob will come out to air his view concerning the alleged cases of plastic surgery attributed to him.