Rob Lowe Net Worth

Rob Lowe Net Worth
How much Rob Lowe worth:

  • Full Name: Robert Hepler Lowe popularly known as Rob Lowe
  • Net Worth: $30 Million                      
  • Occupation: Actor and Television Producer
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: American

Rob Lowe Net Worth – Unaffected From The Trumping Scandals

Rob Lowe Net Worth And His Early Career

It is estimated that a big portion of Rob Lowe net worth comes from his acting career. During the initial days of his career, Lowe worked in a TV series called “Thursday’s Children” for which he was nominated as the Best Supporting Actor in a Miniseries, Series and Television Film. He got his first big break when he was casted against Emilio Estevez in “The Outsiders”. In this movie, Lowe played the character of Sodapop Curtis who was the brother of Ponyboy Curtis, the main lead character. He was casted for many shows. In 2011, he made the appearance in very popular “The Oprah Winfrey show” but soon he left the show.

Soon after leaving this show, Lowe decided to produce the failed NBC drama. After that, he worked upon numerous TV series and drama.

Rob Lowe Net Worth And His Personal Life

Robert Helper was born on March 17, the year 1964 in Charlottesville of Virginia. He is amongst the most prominent survivor who got utmost teen stardom. Lowe was dating Melissa Gilbert during his teenage. During the shooting of “The Hotel New Hampshire,” Lowe was having an affair with Nastassja Kinski. After the breakup up Gilbert, in the year 1986 Lowe started dating the princess of Monaco. But after a certain period of time, Gilbert and Lowe are reunited. Later on, Rob Lowe tied knots with Sheryl Berkoff after meeting her on a blind date during the shoot of Bad Influence.

Rob Lowe Net Worth Remains Unaffected Even After The Sex Tape Scandal

Rob Lowe PicturesControversies are part and parcel of every celebrity’s life. They emerge in their life by one or the other way round. Rob Lowe was also accused of being involved in many controversial things. In the year 1988, Rob Lowe Sex tape scandal was the talk of the town. All it happened a night before the Democratic National Convention which was organized in Atlanta, Georgia. During that time, Lowe was doing campaigning programs in favor of Michael Dukakis. The other part of the tape was released soon after the first one. Surprisingly the career of Lowe rebounded after this scandal. He made his comeback as a host in the popular show named “Saturday Night Live”.

In April 2008, Jessica Gibson who was the nanny for Lowe made 12 allegations against this popular TV star claiming that Lowe is involved in sexual harassment and has violated the labor-code.

Rob Lowe Net Worth Is Hiking Up With His Philanthropic Persona

Rob is always praised for his philanthropic approach. He loves to contribute his part in reducing the sufferings of poor and disable ones. He was the first male spokesperson of the Lee National Denim Day organized in the year 2000. He raised fund of million dollars for the education and research of breast cancer. Rob Lowe is the founder member of Homeowner’s Defense Fund, which is a non-profitable organization working to control the land use planning and transparency in government at local level.Rob Lowe Photos

Lowe sought to build a Mansion of 14,260 square feet for himself in California. Where most of the stars and celebrities speak a lot about the charities and donations in which they are involved but just like Shahrukh Khan and Adrienne Maloof, he prefers to be silent on this topic.