Rihanna Plastic Surgery

Rihanna Plastic Surgery Before And After
Rihanna Plastic Surgery – The Sexy Singer Looks Pretty Amazing

Rihanna plastic surgery has gone better for her look. Despite the sexy lips, Rihanna is not satisfied by her nose. This is why she opted for Rhinoplasty to fix the problem and boost her confidence. The Grammy winning singer and actress was a Caribbean girl looking for something to change her life. Indeed, as she moves to Hollywood, Rihanna has shown significant change on the way she dresses, the way she walks and the way she looks.

Rihanna nose job may not be an issue but when you take a look on her photos of the before and after, you will see how significant the difference that the nose job has gotten for her. The famous singer has plenty of cash to throw on cosmetic surgery. In her early career, she has been quiet about this. It is probably the best one because no one notices the changes except that now she has a slender body and fit muscles.

Rihanna plastic surgery before and after shows that the nose reshaping is actually a Hollywood thing. Some names you would definitely remember are Beyonce and Jessica Simpson. Both have done nose job and reshape their nasal into pointier and more attractive. Many plastic surgeons in the city have been appointed by these celebs to do the nose job or breast implants. In Rihanna’s case, she did both. She needed 10 times of surgeries before she gets that perfect nose. After the rhinoplasty, her look is more refined. Although it is a minor surgery, you can see that it is narrower than before. Now she has smaller bridge that is often something to look for when going under the knife.

Rihanna Photos It is becoming rare that celebs don’t go for nose job or boob job. Rihanna did both and succeded. As a trend setter that always on the spotlight, Rihanna needs to make sure that she looks perfect whenever she hits the road. It’s a must for a star like her. As she is a center of attraction, she cannot escape the publicity and that everyone is comparing her old and new look in an extreme way. Many columnists, bloggers and beauty examiner talk about her and speculate that she is having more cosmetic enhancement but God knows what? Recently, her successful single and commercial gain makes her the most influential artist in the world. She is really tough girl and while the court settle the domestic violent she received from ex boyfriend Chris Brown, she still in the running toward next level of fame.

Mary Tyler Moore is another celebrity that has obviously turned to surgical procedures as a tool to slow down process of aging-and this didn’t turn out to be one of the best choices she made. Mary Tyler Moore plastic surgery make her look quite unnatural, her facial expression is stiff and her skin is too smooth to look natural.

Rihanna And Her Fame

Riri has to keep her flawless look. She constantly do treatment to enhance her look and go for instant approach like botox and fillers. Although, she is young and sexy, but Rihanna tries to stay update with the latest trend in surgical cosmetics. For several times, she has gone under the knife and this famous singer did not mind to show it to the world that she is now as beauty as ever!

Another source confirms that she modifies her look to boost her career. Look at her today! She has made significant change on her face and thanks to her surgeon. Rihanna did not openly admit it but other famous star like Kim Kardashian also never admits that she has cosmetic surgery. If you look at the way she dresses and the way she pulls of herself, she is getting prettier each day and more confident. Many picture illustrates the trait of her plastic surgery. Indeed, even the good girl opts for an instant way to stay pretty. And that’s seem okay.

As Rihanna is getting older each year, chances are, she will have another cosmetic surgery to enhance her look. She might want to remove frowns and wrinkles, or add silicone to her breasts. Who knows, right?

Rihanna MeasurementsRihanna Body Statistics : 

*Height : 5 feet 8 inches or 173 cm

*Weight : 125 pound (57 kg)

*Bra Size : 34 B

*Dress Size : 2

*Shoe Size : 9

*Hair Color : black