Rick Ross Net Worth

Rick Ross Net Worth
How much is Rick Ross worth:

  • Full Name: William Leonard Roberts
  • Net worth: $35 Million
  • Occupation: Rapper, producer, actor and C.E.O Maybach Music Group
  • Marital Status: Dating Lira Galore
  • Ethnicity: American

What Is The Rough Estimation Of Rick Ross’s Total Wealth?

Rick Ross net worth is estimated to be worth over $35 million. No doubt; he is a man of great means as it can be seen through the sleek and expansive accessories and jewelries he wears during his performances and public appearances. Apparently, Rick Ross may be one of the richest rappers in the world. However, there is a talk of Rick Ross’s wealth and worthies.  There is a quarter of his fans who think the rapper is indeed one of the richest and should be in  Forbes list as the most  financially- able celebrity rappers.

Rick Ross net worth  of $35 million could be attributed to his top selling albums which got him good returns. He also in his entry days into music landed a deal with Apple Inc, the deal which made him a billionaire. He is currently the C.E.O of Maybach Music Group, a recording label that he owners. Rick Ross’s life has not missed controversy in his life. He once was arrested in connection to possession of gun and drugs

Before he made a debut in the musical industry, rapper Rick Rose had previously worked as a correctional officer at a correctional facility in Florida. The rapper catches his niche is the music industry by releasing top selling albums. The top-selling albums across the world could be credited to his hard work and his ability to push his music to the audience. .

Rick Ross Weight Ross

Rick Ross Photos Rick Ross is known to be one of the well built, heavy celebrities. However, this appeared to be not fit for his health. Back in 2011, the rapper had to take control of his health and began a health fitness exercise at Crossfit and over the years he has been working on his weight. He occasionally, through his Instagram page displays photos of his weight loss. Like Tim McGraw, rapper Rick Ross has had a dramatic weight loss since 2011 when he started to visit Crossfit. The rapper, in two different cases while travelling had had seizures which made him have concern about his health. Rick Ross however has not lost much weight like Tim McGraw who has real lost weight due to the workouts at Crossfit. Rapper Rick Ross has or had not set a specific weight shed target, compared to his fellow celebrity McGraw who has lost 40 pounds. Asked if he had changed his eating habits, rapper Rick said he has not changed but now he eats less of junk foods and gives exercise a priority.

Does Rapper Rick Ross Own One Of The Best Mansions In Georgia State?

Rick Ross Photos To date, rapper Rick Ross lives a lavish and expensive lifestyle a few dare to dare of. Apart from moving around in hired jets, rapper Rick Ross has a prime property in Georgia. Here, he has put up a huge mansion on 235 acres.The mansion which was acquired at whopping $5.8 million. Formerly, ex-boxing champion Evander Holyfield was putting up in the mansion but it is said he could no longer afford it. The Georgia mansion which covers 54,000 square feet was sold sometime in 2012 through a public auction. According to the former tenant, it had put him in deep financial difficulties. He said he had to spend over $1 million to maintain the house and power bills were high. The acquisition of this property proves to the financial capabilities of rapper Ross.

How Many Girlfriends Has Rick Ross Dated To Date?

Most American celebrities have the most controversial love life. American rapper Rick Ross is one of such celebrities whose love life is full of controversy. In most social events, the boss at Maybach music group can be seen with different women on the red carpet. Some women feel that the rapper is a cheat you cannot dare to date. At one particular event, the rapper was seen in his Rolls Royce with Shateria. Ming Lee, who is also a businesswoman, was at one point dating Rick Ross, but it seems it did work out and they parted ways. Currently, Rick Ross is seemingly dating Lira GaloreRick Ross Photos

Is Rick Ross A Big Spender On Cars? 

The boy is a big spender on cars. He owns a fleet of flashy, sleek and expensive cars. The American Rapper seems to be having a good taste and a love of expensive automobiles. In his Georgia expensive mansion, the American Rapper’s parking lot is characterized with different car models. Recently the rapper bought a brand new Fisker Karma and Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe. This recent car purchases add an icing to the cake of Germany machines, a Lamborghini Murcielago, and Ferrari 458 Italia among many other pushy cars. The rapper must have huge pockets to maintain such cars.Rick Ross Photos