Rick Harrison Net Worth

Rick Harrison Net Worth
How much is Rick Harrison worth:

  • Full Name: Richard Kevin “Rick” Harrison
  • Net Worth: 8$ Million
  • Occupation: Businessman from Las Vegas and reality tv star
  • Marital Status: Married- for the third time
  • Ethnicity: American

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Rick Harrison Left School And Started Working With His Father

Rick Harrison Pictures Rick Harrison is now a well-known businessman and TV star, but it was nothing like that in the beginning. He was born in Lexington situated in North Carolina as a third child. His father was a Navy veteran. Rick was a second child, but unfortunately the family’s first child died after six years suffering from Down syndrome. There were rumors that the family ties with the President William Henry Harrison. Not only his sister had health problems, but he himself suffered from epileptic seizures. That problem made him very weak in a way that easy things like walking seemed like going to the Moon. All this has affected Rick to develop a love of reading. Tom D. Fitzgerald was his favorite writer.  His series of books featuring a ten year old boy Utah with ability to evoke schemes which will bring him money have influenced on today’s Rick Harison net worth. His dropping off school occurred during the tenth grade. His family moved to Las Vegas in 1981 after his father’s business failed. Harrison, together with his father, started a new business by opening a Pawn Shop called Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in 1989. They were loaning money, which brought them a great income in interest. After the show Insomniac, in which their shop was featured, Rick spent several years of trying to make people believe that show could be made out of his very shop. Finally, his effort has come to the light and two people, Brent Montgomery and Colby Gaines, approach Rick Harrison with the idea of creating a reality TV show based in their shop in Las Vegas. The rest is history. TV show reached huge success, and it was the most rated programs on History TV Channel. He appeared in the reality as himself. Soon after that he was part of the commercial for the One Razor line of products. Rick Harrison net worth was increased in 2011 by publishing a biography, which was named License to Pawn: Deals, Steals and My Life on the Gold & Silver. The New York Times has put the biography on the 22 Th place on the best seller list.

Teenager And A Husband To His First Wife

Rick Harrison Photos When Rick Harrison was a teenager of 17 his girl Kim announced that she was pregnant. Soon after that she had a miscarriage, but that did not stop Rick to marry his love. A couple of months after they got married Kim was pregnant again and Corey Harrison, their first son, was born. Two years after Adam, their second child, was born. Not so long after Adam was born, Kim and Rick separated. Rick Harrison wife, second one, Tracy, gave birth to his third son Jake. They got divorced eventually and in 2013 Harrison got married to Deanna Burditt to whom this was third marriage as well.

Rick’s Family Nest

Rick Harrison house is a big family residence which has got 4 bedrooms, 4 full bathrooms, and 3,932 square feet of living space. Rick Harrison bought this peace of lending for  $85,000. , According to zillow.com the current value for the property is $445,277
Rick Harrison net worth is around $8 million dollars, and all of it comes  from his pawn shop and from The History Channel distributed TV show.

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Rick Harrison Body Statistics:

  • Rick Harrison Body Statistics MeasurementsHair Color: bald
  • Eye Color: blue