Richard Branson Net Worth

Richard Branson Net Worth
How much is
Richard Branson worth :

  • Full Name: Richard Branson
  • Net Worth: $5.1 Billion
  • Occupation: Business Mogul, Film Producer, Entrepreneur, Investor, Television Producer
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: United Kingdom

Richard Branson Net Worth – How The Famous Business Mogul Made It To The Top

There are very few celebrities that have hit the billion dollar mark in the recent times. Richard Branson is indeed one of them. He tops the list of multi-billion dollar celebrities the world has ever produced. As at the time of filing this report, Richard Branson net worth is estimated to be $5.1 billion. Few years ago, the estimate stood at $4.9 million.

Richard Branson Source Of Wealth

Richard Branson made most of his billions as a business mogul and entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of the famous multi-billion dollar organization known as Virgin Group.  The establishment is actually a conglomerate of several multi-million dollar outfits that bear the same nomenclature. Among them include Virgin Records, Virgin Airways, Virgin Mobile, Virgin Galactic, and so on.  The bulk of Richard Branson net worth is based on the tremendous feat he has recorded through his Virgin Group organization.Richard Branson Pictures

Aside from Virgin Group, he also makes money as an investor, TV presenter, and film producer.

Life And Career Development

Richard Branson PhotosBorn in London, Richard Branson started showing signs of entrepreneurship while still a youth.  His father was a barrister, but Richard decided to be a business mogul. He sold several records and made adverts for student magazine while still in the high school. He dropped out of school and decided to hunt for raw cash. He worked as a flight attendant and later ventured into full-time business.

In the early 1970s, Richard opened a shop at the famous Oxford Street. This marked the beginning of his famous Virgin Records enterprise.  He went ahead to build a recording studio and started leasing it to top singers and musicians. Later on, Richard ventured into other business opportunities. He founded several conglomerates that make up the Virgin Group.  Among them include Virgin Express, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin America and Virgin Nigeria. Few years after, he established Virgin media and Virgin Galactic. He equally started Virgin Fuels meant for the marketing of petroleum products.  Few years after, Richard also founded the famous Virgin Airways reputed for excellent services across the globe.

When it comes to male-female relationship, the famous business mogul has a fair story to tell. Richard Branson girlfriend Joan Templeman became the center of attraction along the line. Just like Matthew Mcconaughey and other celebrities Richard ended up getting married to the lady of his heart.

Great Achievements And Assets    

Richard Branson recorded great achievement just like Marlon Wayans and many other top celebrities. He was able to expand his Virgin Group enterprise to over 30 countries. He owns over 200 Virgin Group companies scattered across the top nations of the world.Richard Branson Photos

Richard Branson houses are numerous. He owns two private Caribbean Islands known as Necker and Mosquito. The Necker Islands remains his home of romance. The famous business expert also owns fleet of cars. All of these assets and achievements contribute to his ever increasing net worth.