Rev Run Net Worth

Rev Run Net Worth
How much is Rev Run worth:

  • Full Name: Joseph Ward Simmons popularly known as Rev Run or DJ Run
  • Net Worth: $70 Million
  • Occupation: Rapper and Minister
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: African American

Rev Run Net Worth – How Fortune Worked In Favor Of This Business Magnet?

Rev Run Net Worth And His Early Life

It was estimated that the Rev Run net worth is around $70 million whose major source is his hip-hop music and rapping career. This rap star was born on November 14 in the year 1964. He was born in Queens of the New York City. His mother Evelyn Simmons was a park administrator in NYC. His father Daniel Simmons was working as a public school administrator. Many people say that his father inspired Rev to opt singing as his career. His father is the one who usually gets the credit of Rev’s popularity and fame. His family was supportive and helped him through every stage and decision of his life. He got married in with his first wife Valerie Vaughn and they were having three lovely kids. Later on, Rev decided to tie knot for second time in the year 1994 with Justine Jones with whom he was having two sons and a daughter who died because of some birth defect.

Rev Run Net Worth And His Career

Rev Run is known more for establishing the “Run-D.M.C” which is a famous hip-hop music group just like Skrillex and Slash. He was the lead vocalist of the group. The group was founded in early 80s by the combined efforts of his friends Jason Mizell and Darryl McDaniel. The Debut album of this music group was released in the year 1984 after which they ascended the stardom. It was the first group, which highlighted the relation between the DJs and MCs. They were considered as the true pioneers of the genre. They were the first to own a gold album, platinum record and they also got the nomination in the Prestigious Grammy awards. Later on, Rev ordained as Pentecostal minister.But he never strayed too far from his musical roots. He released his solo album “Distortion” in the year 2005.

Rev Run Net Worth Hiked Up With His Amazing Sense Of Discography

Rev Run is amongst the most influential artist who created a revolutionary change in the American pop culture. His great talent drove his big dreams. He is having a great sense of music and is a master of discography. He is having his own flair for fashion ad music. This super rapper collaborated with Aerosmith for “Walk This Way” and gave birth to an ultimate fusion of hip-hop and rap.This fusion emerged as a new wave of change to the music industry.Rev Run Pictures

Rev Run Net Worth And His Transformation From A Rapper To A Preacher

Rev Run PhotosA single minute is apt for giving a new twist to the life. The life of Rev Run is a perfect example of this. With a trademark of black sweat suits, gold chains, and Adidas kicks, this rapper cum disc jockey was a public and international icon. But with the presence of the divine in his life, Rev Run turned into a man of faith. He becomes as a source of inspiration for his family and fans. Starting a new chapter of his life, he become a minister and this superstar who was once known for his rappers and was called as “Run” now feels privileged as a honorable member of the Zoe Ministries. Now he is known as “Reverend Run”. He wrote a book “Words of Wisdom” which was released in the year 2006. He shared all his inspirational, thoughtful and witty views in this book.