Renee Zellweger Plastic Surgery

Renee Zellweger Plastic Surgery Before And After
Renee Zellweger Plastic Surgery – Is Based Only On Her Youthful Face And Nothing More

When people saw the new face of Renee Zellweger people believedRenee Zellweger Pictures that she underwent through Renee Zellweger Plastic Surgery. However, some experts have given their opinions about what they think about what she may have done or not.  Renee was looking fresh faced at the same time amazing when she was on the screen for the first time.  At 44, she looks as if she is aging gracefully but she may have gotten the help from a dermatologist.

When Dr Brian Glatt was asked about what he thinks about Renee’s surgery, she said that she may not have done a nose job even if the nose may appear slimmer but it may be because of losing weight.  She may not have gone through the rhinoplasty but she may have had a chin implant. He said that in the case of Renee, losing weight may have reduced the look of double cheek but in her case, she has an elongated chin.

With the Renee Zellweger plastic surgery before and after photos about her chin, she looks pretty and attractive while her jaw does not look masculine. Her face features looked striking with pop up that makes the face to be more striking.  Renee had always small eyes but losing too much weight on the cheeks made her eyes to be outstanding.  There is nothing that had changed in the angles and shape of her eyes or on the brow position.  Her wrinkle free face also makes people believe that she is using Botox while the of the facial changes may be related to the weight she lost.

Renee Zellweger Photos When Dr Barry M Weintraub was also asked did Renee Zellweger have plastic surgery or not, he said by looking on her pictures of before and after the alleged surgery, there is nothing  to show  that she had undergone serious procedures. She does not look as if she had done a blepharoplasty or eyelid lift since she still shows some of hooding at the upper eyelid. However using the fillers or fat may be conservative than the surgery. These procedures are only used to give the person the bedroom eyes. Since Renee is maturing, then as she matures she loses some facial volume.  This is addressed easily by the use of the transportation of someone fats into the face or by the user of fillers.

Dr Yael Halaas, on his turn said that he may be doing some procedures but which are just superficial so that she can continue to look younger.  Some of the procedures that she may have tried out are doing peels, facials or laser treatment in order to have a perfect complexion.   Her eyebrows have also become straighter and lower and this takes place as a person becomes old. Having the Botox is used to maintain a wrinkle face.

Renee Zellweger Photos When Dr Shirley Madhere was asked about what she thinks, she said that it is hard to say for sure that she had a surgery or not, especially because when a job is done by a an experienced plastic surgeon, then everyone is left to guess if the person  got the surgery or not.  Another problem that rises with the actress is that they have perfected the art of changing themselves so that they can adjust to a certain role. They may use deft makeup or weight loss. This means that it may be hard for anyone to decide if she really undergone the surgery or not but what it is true is that she continues to be well respected, personable and also talented.

Renee Zellweger had started to charm the audience from the first day she appeared on the screen.  She gained weight during her career and she had   three Golden globes behind her with one Oscar.  The reason behind the rumors about her surgeries, is about how she looks fresh even if she is 45.

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Do you agree that Renee Zellweger Plastic Surgery is just superficial procedures or she had done more?

Do you think that Renee Zellweger Plastic Surgery is behind her never dying youthful face?