Rachel Weisz Plastic Surgery

Rachel Weisz Plastic Surgery Before And After
Rachel Weisz Plastic Surgery – What’s Up With That Face?

Even before Rachel Weisz plastic surgery, she is blessed with sexy hourglass body shape with a slim waist. Her breasts are full cup and she has the slim and slender body with round hips. There is a huge difference in her nose. It seems that Rachel has done rhinoplasty to enhance her face. The photo shows significant change and it’s a bit narrow. Could it be cosmetic or just a sharpener? Because like Rachel Weisz, some of celebs who did rhinoplasty are Khloe Kardashian and Mary Steenburgen. They may not officially admit it but with that difference, sure you could tell.

Rachel Weisz Before And After Surgery

Rachel Weisz Pictures When you compare old and new photos of Rachel, you will notice that it shows a slimmer nose on the newest photo. It was not that slim back then years ago. The tip is apparently transformed into a more refined shape. It matches with her face however. Though the change is small, but it gives a better new look for her. Her nose job is a common thing in Hollywood. People are worried they don’t look attractive in front of the camera so they need to change how they look to be more perfect.

Rachel Weisz And Her Healthy Diet

Rachel Weisz Photos Besides her nose job, Rachel prefers to share her secret tips to workout and dieting. Her healthy habit starts from morning juice and organic sandwich with constant workout to shape her buttocks and abdominal core. It’s a consequence when you are on the spotlight, people begin to criticize whether you are already perfect. Hence, it’s never good to judge the way she looks because she is a flawless goddess. Often time we see her wearing elegant dresses on the red carpet. Her face is glowing and ever young.

Rachel Weisz And Botox Injection

Many plastic surgeons confirmed that Rachel Weisz uses botox and injection fillers. This can be true because when you compare her old and new pictures, she looks very much fresh and young. Her skin is as vibrant as ever and she does not change a bit or age a bit. In fact, her wrinkles disappear along with the pointier nose. The fillers could be injected several times because she looks really smooth when pictured closed up. The botox injection is a common procedure done by beauty therapist to fill up holes and remove frowns.

Rachel Weisz Looks Fresh

Rachel Weisz Photos It is an amazing thing to see her always looking fresh. Can you believe that she is 44 years old and not showing any ageing sign? The facial expression is still as sweet as ever and the rumors may be true that she ‘stops’ her ageing. Do you think Rachel has got it successful or she will do it again? What do you think about her before and after look?

Of course, this is just a rumor because Rachel refused to say a word about it. She uses the safest method not to get caught up with the rumors of how she is able to look so fresh as always. In the end, she has everything she needs!

Rachel Weisz And Her Career

Rachel Weisz Photos Rachel Weisz is living a beautiful life with her Bond husband, Daniel Craig. She is spotted to have holidays with him while filming her new upcoming movie. Let’s expect great this time because Rachel never failed to serve great acting in The Mummy and The Mummy Returns. Do you think she has the look that will give her lifetime career or is it just a matter of time that she will be forgotten? Why not compare the pictures for yourself and make a comment about them. Are they real or they are some sort of the fillers and botox injection? Do you think she could have more surgical enhancement or do you think she will keep it that way?

Rachel Weisz Body Statistics :

Rachel Weisz Measurements*Height : 5 feet 8 inches

*Weight : 114lbs (52 kg)

*Bra Size : 34 C

*Dress Size : 2

*Shoe Size : 8

*Hair Color : brunette