Queen Latifah Net Worth

Queen Latifah Net Worth
How much is Queen Latifah worth:

  • Full Name: Dana Elaine Owens
  • Net Worth: $60 Million
  • Occupation: Singer, actress, comedian
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: African American

Queen Latifah Net Worth – Multitalented Singer Has It All

Queen Latifah Is Popular And Wealthy

Queen Latifah net worth of $60 million has been earned thanks to singer’s popularity in every department of entertainment industry. Queen Latifah is popular singer, actress, TV host and a producer. It seems that anything she touches turns into gold, so it is no wonder that she is a rich lady. How did this nice and interesting woman choose her stage name? Well, as it turns out, she found out that Arabic word Latifah means delicate-and this instantly appealed to her. It appeals to us as something of a great sense of humor, but hey-maybe this celebrity had in mind her personality, and not her physical appearance!

 Queen Latifah first started in music industry, releasing her first single in 1988. She quickly became popular thanks to her influential music. She was rapping about love and emotions, but she also drew attention to violence against women, fought for women rights with her music (as well as in her public appearances)-especially for Afro-American women.

Queen Latifah PhotosAfter she became popular as a singer with her first album called All Hail the Queen, there was no stopping for this multi talented lady. She acted in several movies (both as fictional characters and as herself) and also acted as a television host-she was one of most praised Golden Globe Award  hosts!

Queen Latifah used her money to buy some properties (in Hollywood Hills and in New Jersey), but she also choose to put them on the market recently. Maybe she likes to move around and doesn’t want to settle just yet? Let’s wait to find out.

Queen Latifah Love Life Controversy

Queen Latifah PhotosThere was never much info about Queen Latifah’s personal life. She always managed to keep her private life for herself. Nosy as they are, paparazzi managed to catch her kissing Justin Verlander, professional baseball player (a pitcher for Detroit Tigers). However after some time, he started dating top model Kate Upton with who he has been ever since 2012. And what about Queen Latifah? Well, after Justin, she was never seen with another guy so rumors started about her sexuality in general. Although Queen Latifah refuses to comment about her love life, photos of her and her girlfriends have proved that she indeed loves women more than men. Queen latifah girlfriend is Eboni Nichols, dancer and a choreographer. They started working together back in 2009, and they have been seen together ever since then, although Queen Latifah didn’t end relationship with her previous girlfriend of 8 years until later in 2010-2011.

Just this summer, she was seen on Sardinia with her, and they were obviously enjoying each other very much, kissing and hugging.

There are other homosexual musicians, such as Elton John and George Michael, who also didn’t admit their sexual orientation up until much later into their career. Although  homosexuality isn’t controversial as it used to be decades ago, it is evident that majority of stars stay secretive about their homosexuality until they verify they celebrity status, probably because of lucrative endorsement deals they sign-and sponsors don’t like to deal with any controversy because lots of money is at stake.

Queen Latifah is a very generous person/ She actively supports charity that fight for gender and children rights, for better education and against poverty. Some of her contributions are directed toward following charities: Keep A Child Alive, Save The Music Foundation, Starlight Children’s Foundation, The Trevor Project.

What do you think of Queen Latifah activism and fight for female rights? Do you like her music and her acting skills? Please feel free to comment below.

Queen Latifah Body Statistics:

  • Queen Latifah Body Statistics MeasurementsMeasurements: 45-43-45
  • Bra Size: 36 D
  • Height: 5′ 10″ (178 cm)
  • Weight: 200 lbs (92 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 8
  • Dress Size: XXL
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Dark brown