Priscilla Presley Plastic Surgery

priscilla presley plastic surgery before and after
Priscilla Presley Plastic Surgery – Changed Her Whole Face

Priscila Presley is one of the best known celebrities in the whole world, but truth to be told, she became popular only because she was married to the king of rock n’ roll, Elvis Presley. When he was in Germany, she met Elvis, and in that time, she was only 14 years old. After that, she and Elvis stayed in touch, and talked on the phone. She was fascinated with him, but because she was too young, her parents were not thrilled about their relationship.  After some period of time, her parents said she can move to America, and be with him, but only if they got married. She did that, and moved to the States in order to be with him, and soon after she arrived, they got married. Soon after they said yes, Priscila gave birth to their first child, and the only one they had, little girl Lisa Marie. The main thing about Elvis and Priscila was the fact their marriage was very stormy, and there were rumors about certain affairs that both of them had while they still were together. After many fights they decided to separate and divorce in 1973. Several years later, Elvis died, but till that moment, they stayed very close. Years after, Priscila was in the relationship with Marco Caribaldi, and they have a son. Even though they were together for more than two decades, they broke up in 2006. Actress lives in Los Angeles. The reason why people start mention her again was rumors about Priscila Presley plastic surgery procedures.

What Plastic Surgery Procedures Priscila Presley Had?

Priscilla Presley Pictures When you were married to the start like Elvis Presley was and still is, even the decades passed after his death, you will always be in the center of the attention, whenever people see you. The main reason why Priscila is in the limelight last few years, is because she had several plastic surgeries. If you take a look at the Priscila Presley plastic surgery before and after photos, you will notice the huge difference in her looks, because she definitely is a completely different person. Procedures she had are:

  • Priscilla Presley Photos Face lift
  • Brown lift
  • Cheek implants
  • Collagen lip injections
  • Botox injections
  • Chemical peel

All those things she done completely changed her forever, and the main thing people do not realize about these procedures is that, if you do not like the results, you cannot simply take it back. The best possible results are when the person does not require something too excessive. When it comes to this, smaller procedures are always the greatest solution.

Appearance Of The Priscila Presley Before And After

Priscilla Presley Photos The thing is, looks of Priscila Presley is definitely ruined. Priscila presley before and after plastic surgery procedures is not the same person anymore. That is very unfortunate situation, because this woman was simply gorgeous. Even when she got older, she still had the beauty, charm and sexiness, but after all those procedures, she seems completely different, and many people are not even able to recognize her. The worst thing is Priscila Presley plastic surgery disaster was the main gossip about her. From the beautiful and attractive lady, to the face that seems completely ruined. Her story is very similar to one Mickey Rourke has. Once upon a time, he was very hot guy, popular among women, and he looked great. After many plastic surgery procedures he had in the past, he completely ruined his looks, and when you see his photos now, you cannot help but wonder, why he decided to do such a thing to himself.

priscilla presley measurementsThe same questions comes to the mind of people whenever they see Priscila Presley. She was gorgeous once, she looked like a princess, and she could got old gracefully. Unfortunately, now, the only thing people say is how she ruined herself, her beauty, and the gorgeous smile she had. When it comes to her body, it still looks great, and her style remained classy as it once was. She adores yoga.

What do you think about Priscila Presley today? Did she ruined her looks completely? Do you think she became unrecognizable?