Preity Zinta Plastic Surgery

Preity Zinta Plastic Surgery Before And After
Preity Zinta Plastic Surgery – Bollywood Star Probably Had Several Surgeries To Imrove Her Apperance Further

Did Preity Zinta Have Some Cosmetic Interventions?

Preity Zinta Pictures Preity Zinta is very popular Indian actress and definitelly one of most charming Bollywood stars. She has that amazing and attractive Indian beauty, along with her hot body and sweet face, large dark eyes and long dark hair: all her physical traits make her look amazing. Rumored cosmetic interventions definitely were not necessary for Preity Zinta, as she is just 38 years old, and still has no wrinkles, looking very youthful and attractive. However, it seems that Bollywood celebrity wanted to improve and additionally change her look, maybe in order to further underline classic beauty of her face. She probably had some cosmetic interventions in order to make her beautiful appearance even more perfect than it already was.

When we look at  Preity Zinta plastic surgery before and after photo, we are prone to believe that she did have some interventions, however it also has to be noted that the result is very satisfactory.

What Plastic Surgeries Did Preity Zinta Have?

Preity Zinta Photos Preity Zinta probably had eye lid surgery (blepharoplasty), than some botox injections and probably also some cheek fillers. We think that she went for the cheek fillers in order to change her face shape a bit-now instead of a round face shape she used to have, she has oval face. This face shape suits her well, and makes us wonder if she did it to make herself look more European. However, smaller change in face shape, and fullness of cheeks can also be due to loss of “baby fat”, which happens as a part of growing up-which is another explanation of why did her face shape changed a bit. It is really quite possible that she dieted to loose significant amount of weight, in order to make her face visually elongate, due to loss of fat tissue on the middle part of cheeks.

Preity Zinta eyes also appear a bit wider, as if her upper lids have been lifted up. This make us believe that Preity Zinta had aneyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) in order to make her eyes appear larger, in order to become more distinctive element of her facial expression. If this surgery happened, if it is not just a rumor, than we must admit that it was a successful one, because it didn’t change her facial expression a lot, but it still brought a significant positive change. Zinta’s face looks as attractive as before, but in a somewhat different way.

Preity Zinta Photos Preity Zinta is a beautiful actress that will surely continue to provide much more movie magic, giving us interesting and intrguing roles in movies that will surely become as popular as those in which she already played and achieved quite a lot of success. Preity Zinta is a young actress in her prime, with a lot of time ahead of her to achieve much more success in movie industry in India. Despite the fact that this industry is not very well known around the world, it is a successful one in the region. This is also one of the most reasons why Preity Zinta decided to have some cosmetic interventions to further enhance her already beautiful apperance. Entertainment industry is demanding one, in which there are hundreds and hundreds beautiful women and men. In such competitive world, it is important to stay on top of the game, to always look best and act best, in order to not allow anyone over run you.

Preity Zinta plastic surgery was a good one, just as one of young Frances Bean Cobain or Kaley Cuoco. These are all young celebrities who wanted to improve her looks though they didn’t really need to.

What is your opinion on Preity Zinta rumored plastic surgery? Did she have these suggested or not? What do you think of the outcome? Please feel free to share your opinion.

Preity Zinta MeasurementsPreity Zinta Body Statistics :

Measurements : 34-26-34

Bra size : 34C

Height : 5′ 4”

Weight : 114 lbs

Shoe Size : 7

Dress size : 6

Hair Color : brown

Eye Color : brown