Phil Ivey Net Worth

Phil Ivey Net Worth
How much is Phil Ivey worth:

  • Full Name: Phil Dennis Ivy
  • Net Worth: $100 Million
  • Occupation: Poker player
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Ethnicity: African American

Phil Ivey Net Worth – Is He The Richest Poker Player In The History?

Phil Ivey net worth is $100 million which makes him one of the richest sports people in the world. But his beginning was humble, he started from almost nothing and went on to become one of the greats, to be honest he made the game of Poker very glamorous. Before him there are very few Poker players who were mainstream celebrities.

Phil Ivey was born in Riverside, California but he moved to New Jersey with his parents when he was just 3 months old. He grew up in New Jersey; his parents were working class people. Phil was not great in studies, so he started working from a very young age. In the lunch time Phil started playing Poker with his co workers for a good time. It was only then he and his friends realized that he has a special talent on Poker.

Career As A Poker Player

Phil Ivey net worth began to build from 2002; he started winning major Poker tournaments. He won 3 bracelets at the world series of Poker. He finished in top 25 four time in World Series of Poker during 2002 to 2009. There was no looking back for him then onwards.

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Phil not only started winning a lot of Poker tournaments but he also made Poker a main stream sport. Phil has many fun clubs in USA. He is currently the receiver of 10 World Series bracelets, which is the same number of World Series bracelets that Doyle Brunson and Johnny Chan won. Phil is the youngest player in the history of Poker game to win 10 World Series Bracelets.

More Cash For Phil

Phil Ivey now resides in Las Vegas, where he is a regular participant in cash games held at the Luxurious Bellagio hotel. It is where the big stars of Hollywood and other sports members come down to have some good time. Phil was often spotted parting with Kid Rock, Tiger Woods and many more famous stars.

Personal Life

Phil Ivey was married to Luciaetta from 2002 to 2009. They were married for 7 years but since they both filed for Divorce in 2009 it was believed that their relationship did not end in good terms.

Cheating Allegations

It was believed that all Phil Ivey’s wins were not as white as people may think. Some news paper alleged that the plot he made up to win some tournaments was actually more interesting than any Hollywood movies made by James Cameron.

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Daily Mail wrote how a London casino decided not to pay Phil Ivy the winning amount after they found out that the technique he used was not legal and his women partner helped him in this process. The entire story was just like a plot from a Hollywood thriller.

Phil Ivey is part of a profession which is really glamorous, and that is why even famous stars are his fans. No wonder that big companies want him to endorse their products.

Phil Ivey car commercial for Chrysler 300 is one of the most popular advertisements of recent times.

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Phil Ivey net worth is already $100 million, and even though there are cheating allegations against him, his fans like to believe that those are false and people only want to destroy his image. But anyway there is no doubt in the fact that Phil Ivey is one of the richest men in the world under 40.