Phaedra Parks Net Worth

Phaedra Parks Net Worth
How much is Phaedra Parks worth:

  • Full Name: Phaedra Parks
  • Net Worth: $2 Million
  • Occupation: Lawyer, TV personality
  • Marital Status: Married to Nadi Apollo
  • Ethnicity: Black

Phaedra Parks Body Statistics:

  • Measurements: 34-26-37
  • Bra size: 34B
  • Height: 5’0” or 152cm
  • Weight: 128 pounds or 58kg
  • Shoe Size: Not known
  • Dress size: 6
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Brown

Phaedra Parks Net Worth – How Wealthy Is The Entertainment Lawyer

Phaedra Parks net worth is $2 million but this is just an estimate.  She is an attorney, TV personality and a common face to the viewers of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. She also owns a law firm among other businesses. For those , who have seen her on TV, they may be interested into knowing what the intelligent and good looking attorney is worth. If you are really concerned about how rich is Phaedra Parks, you should not tire going through her life profile.

The Start Of Her Career

Phaedra Parks Pictures Phaedra Parks was born and raised in Athens, Georgia. She went to Wesleyan College in Macon to pursue a communications degree in Bachelors of Arts in 1993. Later on in 1998, she proceeded to the University of Georgia, where she pursued her law degree. Soon after law school, she got a job at Ormand, Bridges, & Faenza in-house law company. Here she served an array of clients. Her well-known responsibility was when she was supposed to defend a young star, Drama, who was in the prison at the same time when his tour was on.

Parks pleaded with the judge to allow the youngster to go for the tour. She even volunteered to take the trip with him, as an assurance that she will come back after the tour. This case opened more doors for the young and determined attorney. More clients kept on flowing so that she could represent them in their cases.

Highlights Of Phaedra Parks Career

Phaedra Parks Photos How much is Phaedra Parks worth? Her net worth stands at $2 million currently. She also earns about $300 thousand dollars, which compounds her net worth. Most people know her as an attorney, who also appears on television. No wonder she is mostly referred to as the entertainment lawyer. Usually, most of her wealth is attributable to her work in Parks Group PC, a law firm, which she single-handedly formed.  Her law firm negotiates contracts and runs cases for entertainers and athletes together with criminal cases.

Phaedra Parks has worked for Fox and NBC as a legal analyst. Besides, she is a popular TV personality, who have appeared in several shows such as Extra, Entertainment Tonight and Court TV. Her appearances on the screen have also contributed to her net worth but as much as her law career.

She is best known for representing big names in the celebrity world, successfully in various cases. She has worked for Ludacris, Bobby Brown and Michael Jackson among others. Owing to her performances in the court,  she was honored with Gate City Bar President award. In 2006, she grabbed the “Attorney of the Year”, which is the envy of all lawyers. That same year Rolling out Magazine together with Atlanta Business Chronicle featured her in their magazines.

Apart from the aforementioned roles on TV and her experience in law, she is also a member of the show “Real Housewives of Atlanta”, on Bravo TV.  She starred for the first time in the show when it was in its third season. She then becomes one of the most influential women as per the Atlanta Business League. She is also known for her consultant services in the production of the show “Toya and Tiny Show”.

Phaedra Parks Personal Life

Phaedra Parks Photos Even after having a full basket already, all thanks to her law career and her appearances on TV, she has still managed to enter into family life. She is married to Apollo Nida and the two have two sons. Their first child was born in 2010 and the second came in 2014.  Parks could be separated from her husband soon if the case lodged against him, does not favor him. Nida has been charged with the accounts of fraud and identity theft. He is in an a house arrest, waiting for his trial. He may serve a jail term of 20 years, when the verdict is finally out. But, we hope this will not happen, since as much as it will not affect Phaedra Parks financially, their two kids could be adversely affected.

Now you understand why Phaedra Parks  has a net worth of $2 million. This is not a static figure though, but it is open for changes in the future, with her new roles in TV. Furthermore, her law firm is still running and she is yet to retire.