Paula White Plastic Surgery

Paula White Plastic Surgery Before And After
Paula White Plastic Surgery – The Truth Behind The Rumors

Paula White, the famous American Gospel Evangelist is well known for her motivational talks among Christians. She has been a source of courage for many tepid believers. Recently, there are rumors making rounds about Paula White plastic surgery.  Did she ever go through plastic surgery? If she did, what could be her strong reason for doing so despite her reputation as a Gospel preacher?

Paula White Plastic Surgery Rumors

Just like Park Shin Hye and Robin Wright, Paula White has her own share of plastic surgery rumors. So far, the rumors are all over the place. Gossipers are busy making speculations about her possible involvement in plastic surgery. She’s alleged to have gone through Botox injections and facelift. This is evident from the current looks on her face. She seems to be having a smooth and youthful face. She’s also alleged to have gone through  cheeks implant. This is because her cheeks are looking sharp and cute these days.

Again, Paula is being accused of having gone through breast implants. This is evident from the way her boobs are looking these days. They used to be smaller in size. But now, they are looking bigger and sexier.

Why The Rumors About The Plastic Surgery Issue

The plastic surgery rumors  have been because of the current looks on Paula’s facial appearance. When you look at her on the pulpit, she seems to be having changed a great deal. She’s looking so much younger than her age despite the fact of her old age. She’s clocking almost 50 years of age. Yet, there are no aging signs on her face. There are no wrinkles on her forehead. She keeps looking prettier and younger by the day.

Paula White Photos

Experts’ View About The Issue

So far, experts believe there are elements of truth in the plastic surgery rumors attributed to Paula White. A look at her current pictures reveals more about the noticeable changes. Paula White facelift  makes her face look pretty and cute. The Botox Injection cleared wrinkles from her face. She looks so much rejuvenated on her facial region.

Again, Paula White cheeks implants came out successful. Her cheeks are looking firm and excellent when she beams with smiles.  Experts also believe there’s element of truth about the issue of breast implant. This is because her breasts are looking bigger in size.

From every indication, the plastic surgery claims are quite successful supposing they are real. Paula White is looking prettier and younger than her age.

Paula White’s Stand On The Issue 

So far, Paula White has not made any comment on the plastic surgery allegations. She has not admitted going through any kind of plastic surgery. The rumors are raging like wild fire. Gossipers are busy peddling the rumors all over the net.

Paula White Photos

In any case, the issue of Paula White plastic surgery remains at the level of rumor and gossip. This will continue to be the case until Paula comes out to give a nod on the claims. She’s currently focused on  preaching the Gospel and winning more souls for the Kingdom of God.