Paul Allen Net Worth

Paul Allen Net Worth
How much is Paul Allen worth:

  • Full Name: Paul Gardner Allen
  • Net Worth: $17.5 Billion
  • Occupation: inventor, entrepreneur
  • Marital Status: single
  • Ethnicity: American

Paul Allen Net Worth – This Man Has Earned Huge Fortune Thanks To His Brains

Paul Allen And His Works

Paul Allen Pictures Paul Allen is an American investor, innovator and humanitarian. He is famous as the co-founder of Microsoft Corporation along with Bill Gates, so it is no wonder that Paul Allen net worth is incredibly high. He is also the founder and chairman of Vulcan Inc. Vulcan Inc. basically manages variety of his business and also looks after his humanitarian efforts. What’s more? Well, maybe there is a lot more! Paul Allen owns two professional sports teams; Seattle Seahawksfrom the National Football League (NFL) and Portland Trail Blazers from the National Basketball Association(NBA).You might be asking, isn’t he finished yet? To be honest, he isn’t. Paul Allen has a multi-billion dollar investment assortment. This man is one of the geeks of the world and has taken his journey to a peak, where all of us wish to be one day (but only some have this capacity).

How Much Is Paul Allen Worth? Here Is One Of The Wealthiest Men In The World

Paul Allen has been listed on as the 51th richest man throughout the world. Imaginingthe net worth of such a rich man? Well, according to the stats, his net worth is 17.5 billion USD. This estimation has been made in the beginning of this year. I can’t stop thinking about where the net worth of the top richest person would land?

Paul Allen House – Luxurious Mansion On Beautiful Mercer Island

Paul Allen Photos Don’t ever think that the geek might be living a normal lifestyle like us! These geeks who earn endlessly, live one of the most luxurious lifestyle. Well, for the record Paul Allen isn’t “not one of them.” He is living rather a fabulous and “the most of wish for it” life. Paul Allen’s main house is almost 10,000sq.ft. and is a water front home on the mesmerizing Mercer Island. He personally possesses nine mansions on the Mercer Island. One of these nine mansions, is for his mother all alone and another one is a complete sport place that includes a basketball court, fitness center and swimming pool. Not luxurious enough? Maybe luxurious just got understated. The estimated worth of Paul Allen’s mansion is rounded up to $116 million and he has taken the second place in the list of geek’s living extraordinarily!

Paul Allen Wife – He Still Hasn’t Found The Right Woman To Share His Fortune With

This “Oh My God” rich man is just so much more than investments, owner and co-founder. His personal life is a certain mystery. Where the world dies to figure out whether he is married or not; only a long list of his girlfriends can be discovered at best. Leigh Collier has been the most up front in this regard and it was assumed, rather hoped, that she will be the woman of his life or dreams. But it didn’t happen either. He has been named as the most eligible and richest bachelor in the world and it is quite awkward; all of that wealth he has earned will be gone in the air after him? No one to take care of it? No one, to whom it might be named? Weird as it is, we just know that Paul Allen might have a bunch ofgirlfriends, but he hasn’t found the woman he could marry! Unlike his partner Bill Gates and deceased friend Steve Jobs, Paul is still single.

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Paul Allen Body Statistics:

  • Paul Allen Body Statistics MeasurementsHeight: 5′ 9″
  • Weight: 180 lbs
  • Shoe Size: 11
  • Hair Color: light brown
  • Eye Color: blue