Patti Stanger Plastic Surgery

Patti Stanger Plastic Surgery Before And After
Patti Stanger Plastic Surgery – Is One Of The Surgeries That Are Not Denied By The Stars

Patti Stanger had helped many people in how they can boost their confidence in order to be successful in the dating arena. She said also that she had to undergo through Patti Stanger plastic surgery in order to improve with her morale.  She said that she had to undergo different surgeries so that she can feel better and confident to date again.  The first surgery she had to undergo is the breast reduction which made her to feel skinny and younger.  However, she did not stop but she continued and she got a facelift and she said that she felt prettier and that she was ready to go out and to compete with girls who are still young. After the surgery, she met David Krause who is a mortgage broker and they started dating.  She said that because of the surgery, when they meet for the first time, he thought that she is younger than her age but when he found out her age, he did not care and they continued to date.

Patti Stanger Pictures She said that considering Patti Stanger plastic surgery before and after life, she is now happier since she was always depressed before. She was always asking herself what may be wrong with her especially because she was smart, pretty and she had money.

The difference with Patti Stanger plastic surgery is that many celebs do not want to talk about the surgeries they have gone through but for Patti Stanger she agreed on the number of the surgeries that she had.  She had indirectly or directly agreed about the surgeries she had.  She said that she had a breast reduction, Botox injections and eyelid jobs.  The breast reduction made her 34cc from 36DD.  The eye job made her droopy eyelid to be fixed.  The Botox, she had, made her face change.  She said that she thought about getting a facelift but the doctor advised against it.

Patti Stanger Photos The reason behind her surgery was more about the relationship especially because she had ended the relationship of 7 years and she wanted something that can raise her confidence before she can start a new relationship with more passion.  She started by undergoing the program of helping her to lose weight. She said that it cannot be easy to date successful when someone is tough and big.  She said that she tried to be serious with the program and she was been able to succeed.  She started to appear in the public with much slim figure.

When she is asked about Patti Stanger plastic surgery, she not only says that she had done it but she is also proud that she did it. She said that most people in the celeb world may undergo one or two procedures so there is nothing new that she did and she does not have any problem that she did this.

Patti Stanger Photos She appears in the Millionaire matchmaker where she gives the tips on how someone can date successfully.   But she had broken up from her boyfriends of many years and she felt that something was a wrong.  Her efforts of stopping using the junk food and doing the exercises on regular basis may help her to be more popular.  It may have been hard to lose weight and to throw away these kilograms. Even if many people may be thinking about natural beauty, sometime it is believed that the best may also need some boost to look better.  Patti Stanger said that she felt at her best for the first time when she had the surgery.  She was spotted with a diamond encrusted ring and when asked if it an engagement ring, she said that it is a promise ring. The ring came from Jewelry David Yurman and it was a gift given by her current boyfriend.

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