Pat Sajak Net Worth

Pat Sajak Net Worth
How much is Pat Sajak worth:

  • Full Name: Pat Sajak
  • Net Worth: $45 Year
  • Occupation: Television personality
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian

Pat Sajak Net Worth – Is He One Of The Richest TV Personalities?

Pat Sajak Early Life

Pat Sajak net worth is $45 million according to a recent report. But he was not born rich; his father was a Polish American and a regular factory worker. Pat Sajak was born and brought up in Chicago. He went on to study in Columbia College Chicago. Pat started working while he was at college. He started working as a clerk.


Pat Sajak won a Radio show and got a chance to perform as a teen DJ. While at his college his instructor told him that a local news station was looking for an anchor. Pat immediately applied for the job and got selected too. But the job required him to work from midnight to 6 am which was not easy but Pat never objected.

Pat Sajak Pictures

In 1968 Pat left the anchoring job and joined the US Army. He was sent to Vietnam. He was served as a disk Jockey for the Army. After finishing his duties for the army Pat Sajak came back to USA and started working as a host again. But Most of his earlier work was for the radio. He was first seen onscreen when he got a chance to do a short news presentation for NBC’s today show. He went on to do many other guest gigs like that. He then became a weatherman for KNBC.  But these are small gigs and definitely not the shows that made the huge Pat Sajak net worth.

His biggest break came when Merv Griffin asked him if he has any interest in taking over the hosting duties for one of the most popular shows in US television Wheel of Fortune. It was like the offer that Pat Sajak was waiting for. He immediately said yes but the CEO of NBC Fred Silverman declined to hire Pat as the host, according to him Sajak did not have the wide appeal that the show was looking for. Merv Griffin threatened the boss that if he does not hire Pat then he will give up his job. Situation was about to turn ugly when NBC fired Silverman because he was unable to give the network the rating boost they needed. Pat was hired and from then onwards he never had to look back. Pat Sajak today is as respected as fellow TV personalities like Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel, or Jerry Springer. He showed that one does not need to have any special looks to become a US television star. People love his humble attitude.

Pat Sajak Photos

Over the years apart from hosting shows Pat also worked as an actor in many TV shows and one of his most popular roles was playing Kevin Hathaway in day time soap Days of our lives.

Personal Life Of Pat Sajak

Pat was first married to Sherrill but that marriage only lasted for 7 years after that Pat met his current wife Lesly Brown and they got married in 1998. Pat is also father of two children.

Once Pat Sajak car broke down in Seattle and the funnyman tweeted about the incident with a picture of a pink truck shaped like human toes.

Pat Sajak net worth has lot of chances to grow farther; he is still hosting the shows and entertaining the audiences. Pat is called one of the sweetest guys in Hollywood.