Park Bom Plastic Surgery

Park Bom Plastic Surgery Before And After
Park Bom Plastic Surgery – Was Not So Impressive

Park Bom is a very popular singer from South Korea. She was born is Seoul, and she is 30 years old. She moved to the United States of America, learned the language, and became the 2NE1 main vocalist. She is not only a singer, she is also a dancer and actress. Park Bom had several solo singles, and one of her songs became the best-selling single in Korean music history. Her career definitely is amazing, and she is very talented and devoted to it. She stated several times that her musical influences and idols are Beyoncé, and Mariah Carey, and these ladies inspired her to become even better. She is an R&B and pop singer. One of the reasons people talked about her a lot was the rumors about Park Bom plastic surgery procedure she had. Actually, no one was that surprised, because plastic surgery industry is very popular in South Korea. People of all ages, even the teenagers are going under the knife when they want to change something. That was obviously the case with Park Bom as well.

Changes Park Bom Had

Park Bom Pictures There is an obvious difference in the appearance of this young woman. If you take a closer look at Park Bom before and after videos and photos, you will come to the conclusion that she is not the same girl she used to be. She definitely went under the knife. There are several procedures she had such as:

Park Bom Photos Simply take a look at her photos, and you will notice the difference yourself. First of all, she is an Asian girl, which is why it is completely normal to have small eyes. However, her eyes are completely different today, wider and round. That is something you will notice right away. Her chin is different as well. When it comes to her nose, it is slimmer, and it goes perfectly with her face. Changes are visible, and that is the fact. She is not the only celebrity from South Korea who decided to go under the knife in order to improve the looks. The young actor, Lee Min Ho had several plastic surgeries as well. People from all parts of the world are choosing this option, whenever they are not satisfied with their looks, and obviously, Park Bom wanted the same thing.

Park Bom Reaction To The Rumors About Plastic Surgery Procedures

Park Bom Photos When speculations about Park Bom plastic surgery procedures started, people wanted to know more. Did she really decided to change her looks with the help of the plastic surgeons? She said that people should investigate the story a little more, before they start judging. She said she had to do some of the procedures because of the lymph node disease. Park Bom also stated that many of the things people said and write around the Internet about her were simply false. The only reason she went under the knife was to improve her health. If that is the truth, the main question is, why she did the surgery on almost every area of her face? Do you think her statements were true or not? Did she just tried to justify herself?

Fans from all over the world were more than disappointed with her new look. Some of them even bully her on a daily bases. People told her she looks like a living zombie, and that she completely destroyed her beauty and charm she used to have. Her fans are wondering will she stop ruining her looks in the future, because she already done enough. Change is very visible, and Park Bom plastic surgery procedures are noticeable. The fact is, people do not trust her when she says that the only reason was the medical purpose, because she has a completely different face today. She is not the only one who destroyed her natural looks. Apparently, her wishes and desired about her appearance were a bit excessive.

Park Bom MeasurementsWhat is your opinion? Do you think Park Bom ruined her natural beauty? Do you think she should avoid these procedures in the future? Was she prettier before or she looks more beautiful now?