Pablo Escobar Net Worth

Pablo Escobar Net Worth
How much is
Pablo Escobar worth :

  • Full Name: Pablo Escobar
  • Net Worth: $30 Million
  • Occupation: Drug Lord
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: Columbian

Pablo Escobar Net Worth – The Cash Value Of A Notorious Drug Baron

Celebrities are not only found in the entertainment and soccer industry. It’s interesting to know that the illegal drug pushing industry also has celebrated individuals who are often viewed in the bad light. This is the case with Pablo Escobar. He was a notorious drug baron with an ugly tale. Currently, Pablo Escobar net worth stands at $30 million despite his awful drug pushing story. Pablo Escobar’s Source Of Wealth

The infamous drug lord amassed wealth through drug trafficking. He pushed cocaine and made millions through the deals. He ran an illegal drug empire and cartel with a gang of notorious drug pushers like himself. Pablo was also known as a criminal with a track record of committed crimes. He also made millions of cash from his dirty deals as a criminal.

Pablo Escobar’s Life And Drug Business

Pablo Escobar PicturesBorn in Rionegro, Columbia, Pablo Escobar had a humble beginning in a nice home. His father was a farmer while the mother was a teacher. However, Pablo decided to go the other way round. He started stealing gravestones alongside his brothers at a very tender age. They stole gravestones and marketed them to smugglers. They actually made some good cash from the dirty deal.

As the years roll by, Pablo Escobar got involved in several dirty and shoddy businesses. He made quick money by stealing peoples’ cars and re-selling them. He sold fake lottery tickets and also smuggled cigarettes. He was also involved in kidnapping.

Later on, the young man ventured into the drug business.  He was involved in politics for a while but later quit and concentrated on his drug pushing business.  Pablo’s drug business kept booming.  He started shipping cocaine and other hard drugs from Columbia to the US.  He made millions of cash from the deals.

The stinking millions Pablo made from drugs kept increasing on a yearly basis to the extent that he was unable to spend half of the money.  He started buying lots of lands and properties. He bought a whole town and stacked money in banks and warehouses.

Pablo Drug Empire became widely known in Columbia. The drug baron engaged in the gruesome murder of innocent individuals. He became a terror in the land and a notorious criminal in Columbia.Pablo Escobar Photos

Pablo Escobar’s Marriage, Arrest And Death

Despite the dirty and illegal drug deals he got involved in, Pablo Escobar’s girlfriend, Maria Victoria Henao later showed up. She was one of his numerous girlfriends. She eventually won his love for the marital bed.

Meanwhile, Pablo continued in his drug pushing business until he was arrested and imprisoned.  He later escaped from prison through his political connections. The drug enforcement agents and the Columbia drug police kept searching for him. He kept being on the run until one day he was gunned down.Pablo Escobar Photos

Despite the reality of his illegal business, Pablo had lots of assets like Richard Branson, Michael Vick, and other celebrities. He bought a ranch home worth millions of dollars. The ranch was actually a zoo with different kinds of animals. He also had the huge selection of car brand which have continued to deteriorate following his death.  Among Pablo Escobar car brands include Mercedes 300SL, Renault 4L, and a lot more. All of these contributed to his infamous net worth.