Nicole Richie Net Worth

Nicole Richie Net Worth
How much is Nicole Richie worth:

  • Full Name: Nicole Camille Richie Popularly Known As Nicole Richie
  • Net Worth: $ 10 Million
  • Occupation: Singer, Author, Actor, Fashion Designer, Designer, Television Producer
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: African American

Nicole Richie Net Worth – The Contribution Of Her Acting Career

Nicole Richie Net Worth And Her Early Career

This is a brief Summary about the popular TV personality Nicole Richie. She had given a kick-start to her glorious career after making the exclusive acting debut in the popular TV reality series “The Simple Life” and successfully achieved the superstardom

Nicole Richie net worth is in millions, but this superstar has gone through many complications in her childhood days. She was born on September 21 in the year 1981 in Berkeley. Peter Michael Escovedo and Karen Moss are her biological parents. Later on, Lionel Richie adopted her who was a great musician and a very close friend of her father. Nichole was quite a bright student in her school days and she had a great affection for art and music. She learned a variety of musical instruments such as violin, guitar, and piano. In the year 2003, Nicole got the first big break of her life when she was approached by Fox TV to be a part of “The Simple Living”. With her phenomenal performance in her acting debut, Richie flaunted her skills and talent to the world and successfully achieved a lot of media attention, which has taken her away from her difficult past.

Nicole Richie Net Worth And Her Popular Works

Nicole Richie PicturesAfter making the debut in the acting with her best friend Paris Hilton, Richie had never looked back. She had shown her talent in a variety of fields. Through her comedic outspoken persona, this beautiful actor has achieved superstardom with the popular reality series “The Simple Life”. In 2005, she had worked in the comedic drama “Kids in America”. Richie had played many recurring roles and had given star appearance in many hit shows including American Dreams, 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter etc. In 2005, she wrote a semi-autobiographical novel “The Truth about Diamonds” which loosely contains some of her life instances but most of the part is frictional. This book was listed in the Best Seller list of The New York Times. Richie’s personal styling choice had a great impact on her fans and it has provided her the status of a fashion icon.

Nicole Richie Net Worth And Her Unique Way Of Carrying The Friendships

Like her father, Richie is also known for her relationships and friendship. She had made her debut with her very close friend Paris Hilton on the popular TV reality series show “The Simple Life” which had contributed a lot in elevating the Nicole Richie net worth. The show was successfully continued up to five glorious seasons. The news was coming that during the shoot of the last season, all was not well between Nicole and Paris Hilton, which was soon reconciled by the girls.

Nicole Richie Photos

She is having a wonderful relationship with Joel Madden who is a well-known musician. This Couple is having two kids who are living with them.

Nicole Richie Net Worth Is Boasted Up With The Philanthropic Personal

The wise-cracking outspoken and comedic star and socialite Nicole Richie is a well-known philanthropist. She had created “The Richie Madden Children’s Foundation. She actively participates in the welfare cause just like Mike Myers and Ronaldo. She raised a big fund for the Tap Project in March 2009 with the aim of providing direct water to the villages. She worked in projects of numerous non-profitable organizations such as Beyond Shelter for providing shelter to the homeless families of Los Angeles. His husband Joel Madden and brother in law Benji Madden are supporting her and equally participating in all these Nobel cause.

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